Experiment 10 (or Experiment 1 from E-Cubed) was all about having fun, finding joy and basically just acting silly….how did everyone go?

Not a very hard experiment to start off with and a perfect experiment to get everyone ‘in the mood’ for the next eight.

I basically found, that through the week’s ups and the occasional downs, acting silly and having fun helped you visit the downs for only brief moments. In the past, experiencing a ‘down’ moment would actually have lasted for many moments. In fact, I could be so bold as to say sometimes you can get so caught up with a ‘knee jerk’ emotional response that you talk yourself into staying there longer that you really needed to. There is nothing wrong with feeling angry, sad, embarrassed, guilty or any other of the vast array of negative emotions, however the issue commences when you roll around in it and stay awhile. The more you dwell in an emotion, the bigger that emotion becomes and the bigger that emotion becomes, the more difficult you find, later on, to try and find a different feeling. So last week’s experiment was the perfect solution for helping yourself find your way back into the joyful feelings. Worked like a charm……….and it was very fun acting silly and a little crazy along the way!!

This week’s experiment is once again, proving that what you expect always comes to fruition. If you think back (very quickly, I might add) through your past, you will have already proven this multiple times before, whether it was ‘expecting’ to be hurt in a relationship, ‘expecting’ your boss to deny your holiday’s, ‘expecting’ to have your new purse stolen or ‘expecting’ to get an A in your English assignment. It doesn’t matter what you are expecting, as everything you expect has a funny knack of always coming true. For better or worse.

For some reason we find it more convenient to think that we don’t really have any choice to what happens in our life. Life happens. Easier to think that life happens to you not by you. This is because society has pre-programmed everyone to think that they have no choice, that it was my upbringing, my ancestors, my genes that have given me this particular outcome in my life and I just need to find some strength to get through it. Can you imagine if we were in charge of our reality, our life and our choices? Hey…wait a minute, WE ARE!!!

“In the movie The Matrix, the protagonist, Neo, is given a choice. He can either (a) take the blue pill and remain unaware of his own power or (b) take the red pill and discover reality without the pre-programmed scripts. In this experiment, you get another chance to take the red pill.” – Pam Grout, E-Cubed

image (18)

You and only you are in charge of what you feel, think and believe. It’s all about vibrations and frequencies. We are all connected to everything and everyone. There is a field of possibilities, just waiting for us to pay attention to the clues, to help us line up with the frequency that matches our desires. However, for the most part, we closed that part off. There are quite a few people who baulk at the idea of everything being vibrational, that we are sending out invisible frequencies that we either become a vibrational match to or not. “Nonsense.” they say or “What a load of gobbledy gook.” “If I can’t see it, it’s not true.” Mmmmm, do you see the air you breathe? Do you see the email you just sent, flying through the air? Do you see radiation and all their corresponding frequencies? No, but do you still believe in them? You have just proven to yourself that you don’t have to see something to believe it.

The same as the air, oxygen, atmosphere (or whatever you like to call it) you breathe is keeping you alive. whether you believe it or not, the field of possibilities, source energy, higher frequency (or whatever you like to call it) is working to bring into your life that which you are a match to, whether you believe it or not.

You can either take the blue pill and remain unaware of it, or take the red pill and dive into the exciting fact that you are in control of everything in your life.

When we all took part in Experiment Two and asked to see Butterflies and particular coloured cars, everyone who truly expected to see those occurrences did and for those that had doubt, or who expected it to be difficult, it was. This again, is proof alone.

This is exactly the same as the coaches who now take their athletes through races using mental imagery before they physically take part. They get the athletes to run the entire race, from feeling the track beneath their feet, hearing the crowd roar and feeling their muscles working as they run with confidence. Then the athletes actually run the race. The athlete is now expecting to complete that race, exactly how it happened in their minds and guess what? That is what happens.

athlete focusinghttp://www.flickr.com/photos/48379763@N03/5516115388/in/photostream

Meditation, visualisation, changing the way you think, expecting certain outcomes and training yourself to find joy are all ways to help yourself create a better life.

This week’s experiment will be about expecting to see certain items or events and then actually noticing them throughout the week. The trick is, you have to be open and receptive, you have to expect without a doubt and you have to be actively looking. What you don’t want to do is ask to see something, then tell yourself the chances of that happening are pretty low and then walk around all day with your eyes closed. You can guarantee that if you do that, you won’t see what you asked for!

Here it is.

image (19)

Lab Report Sheet

The Corollary: The Red Pill Corollary

The Theory: My beliefs and expectations impact what I draw from the field of potentiality.

The Question: Is it possible I only see what I expect to see?

The Hypothesis: If I decide to look for the eight things listed below, I will find them.

Time Required: 72 hours.

Today’s Date:                                                 Time:                                     

The Approach: If this experiment holds water, it means that the world out there reflects what I expect to see. In the next three days, I am going to look for and check off the following eight things:

* A belly laugh

* A toy from your childhood

* Your favourite song from high school

* The number 222

* A beach ball

* A senior citizen in a fashionable hat

* A smile from a baby

* A billboard with a message for you

How I feel right now (at the beginning of the experiment):

How I feel in three days:

Research Notes:

End of Experiment.

 Until next week…have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!

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