Last week was all about explaining that what you focus on expands and the experiment was to manifest your desire within 48 hours. How did everyone go with this?

My experiment went so tremendously well, that I think I may have just about burst the eardrums of the poor man who phoned me to give me the news.

Firstly, after thinking about all the things I could manifest, I decided to ask for something simple. I wanted to make at least ten sales with regards to my business, in that 48 hour period. When that manifested in the following four hours and then continued to grow, I decided to keep the experiment going (since I had 44 hours left!). I decided my next manifestation should be something I really wanted but to me (and only to me, as manifesting takes no more energy to receive a car or to receive a hug from someone), it should feel more challenging.

I thought about the desire I had asked for in one of the earlier experiments, for $10000 and decided to give it another go. You can imagine my surprise and my delight when out of the blue, I received a phone call from a lovely man who asked me if I still had the tickets that I had entered into a second chance draw. I responded with “Of course, I do.” He read out the last three digits of the ticket he wanted me to find and all I had to do was read out the digits that proceeded those numbers. I found the ticket and read them out to him with my heart beating so fast in my chest, that I could hear the pulsating in my ears. He then announced that I was the winner of $10000. I screamed so loud, that I am sure he had to take his ear away from the phone. I was laughing, screaming and crying all at once. I couldn’t believe it had manifested so quickly and easily. For all those that know me, they will testify to the fact, that you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for days!! To top it all off, it just happened to be my husband’s birthday.

money raining1

That is when I realised that it truly is simple. The only one that makes certain things more difficult to manifest is ourselves. It happened again this morning with a delivery I was expecting. I desperately needed that shipment to arrive today, however, I knew with logistics and previous deliveries that it wouldn’t turn up until as best tomorrow. As I was thinking, “Maybe I should manifest a way for the courier to be able to magically manifest the goods to my door today.” I heard a knock at the door. You guessed it….the courier was there with my shipment. Don’t ask me how it happened….as logically I have no idea. I am relishing in it though……..what will I ask for next???

My mother experienced both sides of the coin this week. Firstly, she said she was in alignment with her business as she had asked for a break and the FP obliged by having some clients cancel, allowing more time in between appointments to rest. Then after a couple of days of having a slight break, she asked for more bookings and Voila!! More people called and she was run off her feet again.

When I asked my mother what she was going to ask for in the experiment, she said she didn’t really know and that she felt ‘Wishy Washy’. She had a few downs as opposed to her normal ups and when I spoke with her on the phone regarding the experiment, she said she still didn’t know what to ask for and she was feeling a bit weary. As I told my mother the feeling was from feeling disconnected to herself, the phone cut out. It appears that technicians working in the area have put the wrong wires to the wrong homes. So for a while my mother’s phone wasn’t working at all and now she is receiving calls for another phone number and we believe they must be getting Mum’s calls. We both laughed long and hard at how the FP immediately manifested how she was feeling!!!

manifestation abraham

This week’s experiment is all about receiving “Inner Guidance”. This comes in many ways. It can be a voice you hear in your head, a thought that just happened to pop its way in, asking for a sign, picking a card and reading its meaning, flipping a coin, feeling an urge to travel somewhere, or shaking an eight ball…it doesn’t matter how it comes, it just matters that you realise it’s there.

eight ball yes

“Where did we ever pick up the foolhardy notion that inner guidance was restricted to a lucky few? A lot of it goes back to those myths we believe about God. That he’s oh-so mysterious and only on call on Sundays. The part that was left out is that our inner guidance is reliable and constantly available. It’s there anytime you choose to listen, same as CNN is on anytime you decide to switch on the TV. It’s that reliable.” – Pam Grout E-Squared

Listening to my inner guidance is what allowed me to meet my husband. He had the same feeling. I travelled to London to go on holiday with friends, however, before I left, I had a nagging feeling that I should apply for an Ancestry Visa to allow me to work there “just in case”. I didn’t see the harm of it and so applied. They told me it would take a minimum of six weeks to arrive, which was cutting it very close to my departure date. My Visa arrived two weeks later!!

When I arrived in London, we stayed with my friends, friends. On the night before we were to leave for our three week tour of Europe, one of these friends of friends asked if anyone wanted to go out with her to an Australian Pub. My actual friends didn’t want to go, however, I had this strong feeling that I should go. For those that knew me, I was definitely not a “Pub” person, let alone going all the way over to London just to visit an Australian pub seemed ludicrous to me but I couldn’t ignore the giant pull to go. Off we went and I was having a great time that got even better when I met the man who would become my husband.

Off I went on my three week tour and upon arriving back in London, we moved in together (my ancestry visa came in handy as I decided to stay of course.), we were engaged eight and a half months after that and married six months later. I often think, if I had ignored my inner guidance, I may not have met my husband at that time.

My husband had a similar story. He is from Switzerland, however, he had been living in London for a couple of years before I arrived there. Just before I was due to leave Australia, my husband (who was in a relationship with someone) had a massive urge to end the relationship. He told me that he didn’t know where the desperate need to end it came from, just that he had too. So (very nicely of he ended his relationship and two days later is when he found a massive pull to go to an Australian pub in London…..

walkabout 1

Stories like these have weaved themselves into our lives now for years. We always listen to our inner guidance and on the odd occasion, when we don’t, it always ends up being disastrous or causing us to miss out on something.

This next experiment is going to prove that your inner guidance is a valuable tool that it is available all the time.

“You’ll spend 48 hours expecting a specific, concrete answer to a specific, concrete question. It can be as simple as whether to adopt a new Siamese kitten or as complicated as whether or not to take a job offer. Either way, give your inner guidance 48 hours to spell it out. But watch out, I tried this once and got fired. In retrospect, however, it was the perfect answer, maybe the only one I could hear to the question I’d asked: “Is it time to launch my freelance writing career?”” Pam Grout – E-Squared

The first time I tried this experiment, I asked a question regarding my beautiful Golden Retriever, Bella. Within the 48 hour time slot, on my email popped a picture of a dog with a sign around its neck. It read “If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it!” Can’t get much clearer than that.

image (7)

Lab Report Sheet

The Principle: The Dear Abby Principle

The Theory: Your connection to the field provides accurate and unlimited guidance.

The Question: Is it really possible to get ongoing, immediate guidance?

The Hypothesis: If I ask for guidance, I will get a clear answer to the following yes-or-no question:

Time Required: 48 hours

Today’s Date:                                                             Time:

Deadline for Receiving Answer:

 The Approach: All right, here goes: “Okay, inner guidance, I need to know the answer to this question. You’ve got 48 hours. Make it snappy.”

 Research Notes:

 End of Experiment.

 Good Luck with this experiment and until next week……..have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!

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