So how did everyone go with experiment three?

I was so amazed at the outcome, you could have blown me over!!! The thing that surprised me the most were things that I thought would produce negative frequencies, in fact didn’t. I thought of something that happened to me a child and I thought the wands would come slamming together, but they didn’t. In all honestly, I don’t really feel anything anymore when I think of it. It was just something that happened in my past and I’m okay about it now. So rationally the wands not moving was accurate. When I did think of something that made me feel negative, the wands closed in on each other, quick smart, the same for positive feelings.

It was so much fun. I did the experiment with my husband and had the wands move back and forth, which also surprised him and I did the experiment with my mother. Again, getting all excited for the fact that it was working!!

To think that our energy fields are constantly decreasing and expanding depending on how we are feeling is quite exciting. This reiterates the premise that lower frequencies bring in lower effects. Feeling sad bring more things to feel sad about. Higher frequencies bring in higher effects. Feeling grateful brings more things to be grateful for. This makes it easier to understand why something has or hasn’t manifested in your life.

Vibrational Beings Abraham

This is the perfect time to talk about this week’s experiment. It is the one that everyone is waiting for. This week will be about manifesting things you want. That which you focus on expands, negative or positive.

It is important to stress this week that by reading Pam Grout’s E-Squared Experiment Four you will gain a greater insight and a better understanding of how this will work. Pam also speaks a lot about problems with manifesting and how to overcome them. So if you are having trouble, please pick up the book and have a read.

“Like Newton said in his famous third law of motion, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What you give out, what you “pray” about…you get back in equal measure. If you send out thoughts of fear, you get back things to be scared of. If you lie, you’ll be lied to. If you criticise, you’ll get criticised. But if you send out love, you get big, bounteous love back. If you send out blessings, you get blessed in return.” – Pam Grout E-Squared

Manifesting what you want is as simple as focusing on it. Feel it, think it, get excited about it and make sure you are always heading towards it. The more excited you feel, the more grateful you are, the higher your frequency vibrates and the quicker your desire will manifest.

It’s the same as driving a car. No one drives along the freeway looking out their rear windscreen and no one drives along the freeway looking down at the floor, hoping to see the road below them. No, we all drive along the freeway looking straight ahead, through the front windscreen. We are focusing on where we are going, paying attention to signs along the way, following them and getting to our current desired destination. The same can be said for life. If you plod along in life constantly focusing on your past or where you are right at this moment, you can’t expect to get anywhere other than where you are. However, if you flow through life looking ahead, paying attention to signs, appreciating your journey, you will reach your next destination, then your next destination, then your next destination and so on and so on.

That is what manifesting is all about. Focus on what you want, become a vibrational match and voila… appears!!

Abraham manifest

When I first did this experiment, I told the FP that I wanted one thousand dollars. I wasn’t specific with how, just specific with what. I gave the FP 48 hours to manifest it. I kept thinking of the first experiment I did and how easy those traffic lights changed, how easy I found the parking spot and how easy it was to receive my sign. I knew it would be the same. After all, it is only ourselves that put value on manifestations. The FP doesn’t care whether you ask for a phone call from a friend or one thousand dollars. It is exactly the same energetically speaking. It isn’t any harder for the FP to give you a phone call or a bunch of paper with numbers written on it. It is only our resistance to receiving it. You may think, a phone call is easy to manifest but how on earth am I going to manifest a thousand dollars. As soon as you try and figure out how, you are stopping the process. If you’re trying to figure out how, you aren’t trusting that it will come. You are doubting and doubting leads to lower frequencies, which in turn leads to ‘lack of’ thoughts which in turn will manifest ‘lack of’ examples in your life.

When I asked for that thousand dollars, I was excited and couldn’t wait for the thousand dollars to appear. I actually didn’t doubt it. I just knew and sure enough at the end of the 48 hours I had a little more than one thousand dollars. I had received it in two parts, one from my parents as a Christmas present and the other from my husband’s father as a Christmas present with a little bit more thrown in from getting a cheque back from my Pet Insurance.

If I had tried to figure out how it would come, I would have stopped the process. I just allowed. I released resistance.

I thought it was great. Even though I had manifested that wonderful amount, as soon as I thought, “Why not ask for ten more of those thousand dollars?” I could feel the doubt crawl its way in. How will that turn up? Of course, as soon as I started to doubt and question, my frequency lessened and there was no way that it was going to manifest. I was no longer a vibrational match. I was resisting the flow. In fact, I started thinking of the fact that I needed the money, that I had bills to pay. I was stuck in the ‘this is how it is’ trap. What happened? I got more bills….. It was my choice…..just as manifesting the thousand dollars was. Everything that comes into my life is of my creation.

So figure out what you want to manifest. Focus on it, think it, visualise it, feel it……never stop focusing on it. Think ‘higher frequency’ thoughts, feel joyful, excited, and happy. Appreciate everything around you and soon enough your frequency will match the manifestation of your desire. WHAM!!! There it is. You’ll think….gee that was easy. What’s next……..

So here is Pam Grout’s next Experiment.

image (5)

Lab Report Sheet

The Principle: The Abracadabra Principle

The Theory: Whatever you focus on expands.

The Question: Can I pull things out of thin air simply by thinking about them?

The Hypothesis: By making the following intention and focusing on its outcome, I can draw it into my life.

My Intention: _________________________________________

Time Required: 48 hours

The Approach: I have scanned over the big catalogue called the world and, for the sake of this experiment, have decided that this is what I intend to manifest in the next 48 hours. I will focus on it with all my being. And I will remember what Abraham-Hicks likes to say: “It is as easy to manifest a castle as a button.”

Today’s Date:


Deadline for Manifesting:

Research Notes:

End of Experiment.

Good luck with Experiment Four and have lots of fun. This experiment is extremely exciting (although, they all have been for me…)

Don’t forget to visit next week to find out what’s in store for Experiment Five………until then, have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!!

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