Last week was all about looking at those people or situations that annoy you the most with ‘eyes of love’. How did everyone go? It was a difficult one but looking at those people/situations and knowing that by making a judgement you are not only forming an opinion based on what you see, which we know, is never what it seems but you are also making sure you are out of alignment. Sometimes these people/situations are also showing us a part of ourselves that we don’t like to acknowledge or a part of us that we have over compensated for. By looking at these people/situations and finding a positive characteristic, you are literally shifting your vibration. My favourite part of this week was the ‘Love Bombing’. It was so much fun, putting brightly coloured sticky notes with affirmations everywhere I went. I knew it would make someone smile and perhaps even make them look at themselves with eyes of love…..which is the most important act of all.

This week will make everyone react differently. Some will smile sheepishly while drumming their fingers together, others will breathe a sigh of relief and others will leap up, punching their fist into the air, excited as this is what they’ve been waiting for.

MONEY, CASH, MOOLAH, DOUGH, LOOT, SIMOLEONS…whatever you want to call it.

Money is just another form of energy. Hence, how you feel about that particular form of energetic imprint is exactly what you get. Make a note of how you talk about money, what you feel about money and most importantly how you think about money. Do you constantly struggle with it? Are you searching for every spare coin just to make ends meet? Are you cursing it every minute of the day? Do you see a bill arrive and immediately dread sets in? Do you constantly complain about not having enough of it? Maybe you’re the other way completely. You have money everywhere, in your purse, in your safe, in your bank accounts, in piggy banks, in fact it’s everywhere you look. You may be one of those people who walks around and happens to find a twenty dollar note just lying there….right where you are about to walk.

The only difference between these two scenarios is your way of thinking. That’s it. It doesn’t matter about the job you have, the inheritance you received, the size of your family, your education or your circumstances. None of it matters. It just matters about the way you think, feel and talk about money.

image (27)

After all, it is just another example of the Law of Attraction.

You only ever get more of what you put your focus on. If you are worried about bills, you get more of them, if you think life is a struggle, you get more reasons to believe it. If you think money flows to you easily, it just seems to pop out of nowhere, if you think – my money is constantly increasing – you seem to have more and more of it. It just grows and grows!!!

The one thing that makes me laugh is the amount of people who say “This is so hard, why isn’t it working?” It’s simple, because you think it is so hard and that it isn’t working. If you want to change, you have to change the way you feel, think and talk.

If someone wants their fence blue, but every time they open the tin of paint, it is red. Do you think that person is going to keep painting the fence red, even though they really want it blue? Or do you think they are going to reseal that tin, go and get the blue tin and finally paint their fence blue. That is what happens when you want something a particular way. Do you moan about it not working out but keep thinking that way or do you change the way you are thinking to change the outcome?

image (28)

Every single decision, every single choice, every single thought and feeling is yours and yours alone. No one can change it for you. You are the creator of your world. You are in control.

How can I get more money? Simple by expanding your abundance consciousness. Think it, feel it and watch it come flying towards you.

“I once interviewed a woman who gave all her money away. Actually, I’ve interviewed several people who gave their fortunes away. Millionaires sloughing off riches is a hugely popular topic at People Magazine. This particular person came from money. Her grandfather was some famous industrialist. Her parents owned houses all over the world. She didn’t feel right having such excess when others went hungry, so she gave away her sizeable inheritance, the whole dang shooting match. And she began giving workshops on contributing to the greater good. Before she knew it, she’d amassed another million. Moral of the story? You can take the money out of the girl’s wealth consciousness, but you can’t take the wealth consciousness out of the girl.” – Pam Grout E-Cubed

To expand your abundance consciousness you need to start thinking and talking abundantly. There is plenty of everything to go around. This isn’t just about money. If you start to feel abundant in all areas of your life, then all the areas of your life will become abundant. Your health will be vibrant, your relationships will thrive and every waking minute will be full of joy. You will be a vibrational match to abundance, pure and simple. You will be your own genie in a bottle.

genie in a bottle 1

But what about the fact that my family says, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Or what about my colleagues that say “You have to work hard to make it to the top.” Or what about the people who say “Work hard because what you want won’t come without a fight.” I say to you, these are their beliefs. You can create your own.

For those of you that have been following the blog since week one, you will already know about my manifestation in Week Three. I asked for $10000 and blow me away, within forty eight hours my personal genie in a bottle granted me that wish. I won a second chance draw where the prize was $10000. I knew with every fibre of my being that the money would arrive somehow. My abundance consciousness grew enormously that day.

You can start by telling yourself, “Money flows to me easily”, “I am abundant.”, “For every dollar I give, I receive ten in return.” Don’t be afraid to make your own. The important thing to remember is to keep the affirmation positive. Don’t use negatives, for example “I am no longer struggling with money.” When you phrase it like that, the feeling behind it is lack. Therefore, you are expanding the lack feeling and more lack is what you will get.

My mother is the perfect example of the first part of the experiment this week. The first part is all about what you give away, you will receive back ten-fold. My mother is always the first person to pay the bill at the coffee shop, to give generously to those who know (and sometimes who don’t know her) and to sneak a fifty dollar note into your hand with the words “Have fun,” whispered in your ear. This works wonders for her. She has money pouring in around her. If she spends fifty, she wins one hundred. It comes in all shapes and forms. She’ll give someone something and the next thing you know, another business will give her a massive discount. She is the walking-talking proof of the abundance consciousness.

This week’s experiment is going to be broken down into two segments. The first is about giving away $5 notes (you can do a gold coin or a larger note….whatever you feel comfortable giving). When you give these away, you are going to attach a note to the money, with an abundance affirmation written on it. This way, the person who comes across the money will start to expand their abundance consciousness as well. The more you give, the more you receive.

Part Two of this week’s experiment is all about voicing to the universe that you intend to find 5 cent pieces. Then for the next three days, look for them everywhere. Every time you find a 5 cent piece, you are going to celebrate, like you’ve just won the lottery.

“But here’s how you trick the quantum field with this game. What you celebrate is not the amount the penny represents; you celebrate the principle it represents. You celebrate the principle that the universe is infinitely abundant and that manifesting is child’s play.” – Pam Grout, E-Cubed

Here are the experiments in Pam Grout’s words.

image (29)

Lab Report Sheet

 The Corollary: Your New B.F.F. Corollary

 The Theory: Money is nothing but energy and a reflection of my beliefs.

 The Question: Am I blocking abundance by hanging on to a bunch of old ideas that no longer serve me?

 The Hypothesis: If I change my beliefs about money, the world’s natural abundance will rush in.

Sub-hypothesis #1: If I give away money, I will receive even more money.

Sub-hypothesis #2: Money is easy to come by.

 Time Required: 72 hours each

Date of First Experiment: _______________    Time: ________________

Deadline: ____________________

Results: _____________________

Date of Second Experiment: ______________ Time: ________________

 Deadline: ____________________

 Results: _____________________

The Approach: I’m going to put on my acting heels and act like the diva I was meant to be. I’m going to observe how the universe responds. For the first 72 hours, I’m going to give what I want to get, trusting that it is impossible to outgive the universe. And for the final 72 hours, I’m going to align with the quantum field by hunting for pennies.

 Research Notes:

 End of Experiment.

I will expect to hear all your glorious stories of your financial abundance next week.

As always…….have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!!

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