How did everyone go with experiment six? I will confess, I am still actively engaged with it. I have not completed this experiment as yet and I gather from the lack of comments that most people are still in the process of completing it. With this in mind, I will comment about my findings when I have completed this experiment. For now, let’s move onto this week’s Experiment.

This week is all about how your thoughts and consciousness provide the scaffolding for your physical body. Pam would like us to lose at least 1 pound (454gm) in three days. Not with diet or exercise but by sending your food loving, positive and nourishing thoughts and intentions.

I don’t know about you, but this week will be especially hard for me, which is ironic, as I have already proven this experiment to myself years ago in my late teens and early twenties. When I was young I was very slim. I loved life, I had fun and I could eat anything. If I found my latest outfit was a little snug I would just go down to the local shop and purchase a family sized block of chocolate, and eat it. The whole thing, all on my own. Loving every morsel I placed into my body. By that very weekend, my ‘snug’ outfit wasn’t snug anymore. It worked every time, like a charm.


Why did it work? It certainly wasn’t the actual chocolate. It was my belief that the chocolate would work, with a splash of ‘no doubt’ added to the mix and some loving energy sent to the chocolate as I ate it. So if anyone should find this week easy, it should be me, however, I have said enough negative things about my body during my thirties that the synapses in my brain have ingrained a habitual path that sabotages my every effort now to lose weight. So now, in my forties, I can fast, diet, exercise, go vegetarian, drink nothing but juice, eat soups, eat super-foods, walk 10000 steps a day, jog, yoga, Pilates…..and the list will go on and still I stay the same. (If you haven’t noticed, that right there is also an affirmation and one that needs to change!!)

My mother said to me, ‘Just go eat your block of chocolate.” The trouble is, now I ‘know’ better. I know, without a doubt, that chocolate will not make me lose weight. So, of course, the universe says “Okay, chocolate won’t make you lose weight.’ There it is. My proof. When I believed the chocolate made me lose weight, it did. I loved that chocolate. Now I know it doesn’t and guess what……..IT DOESN’T!!! If I eat chocolate now, I am sending little thoughts of guilt into that chocolate. I am berating it and telling myself, that I’m being ‘naughty’.

I have most certainly fallen into the trap of believing everyone who ‘knows’ why you can’t lose weight. If you listen to them, it’s because you eat too much, you don’t eat enough, you eat at the wrong time of the day, you eat three meals a day instead of six, you eat six instead of three, you eat gluten, you eat carbohydrates, too much sugar, too much fat, it’s the processed foods, its bananas, its meat, your food isn’t pureed enough, your food isn’t raw, you sit too much, you don’t sleep enough, your exercising wrong, buy these shakes, measure your food, too many calories, your portions are too big, your portions are too small, it’s weight, no BMI, no body fat percentage that’s important, strike that, it’s actually how hydrated you are…………………………….until you’re bombarded by so many mixed messages that finally you scream, ENOUGH!!!


It isn’t any of these things. It is simply how you feel and how you speak to yourself. That’s it. It’s not rocket science. You don’t need calorie counters, pedometers or special equipment, you just need you. You just need to be your own friend, to be your own cheerleader, to look at yourself and speak to yourself with loving, kind thoughts.


“So I refuse to work on excess weight or on diets. For diets do not work. The only diet that does work is a mental diet – dieting from negative thoughts.” – Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life

We’ve learned that thoughts and intentions can not only take a desire and make it manifest out of thin air but they can also change the structure of water crystals and heal your body. It goes without question that we can, in fact lose weight (or gain if you so desire) using nothing but thoughts and intentions.

“As long as you harbor negative energy about yourself and spend time wanting to lose weight, that’s what you’ll get: ‘negativity and ‘the state of wanting to lose weight.’ Not only is this type of thinking counterproductive, but it keeps you stuck with the body you’re currently in. Your body is a barometer of your belief system.” Pam Grout E-Squared.

There are plenty of books on the market, inspirational speakers sharing their message about these findings for everyone to be informed about it, however, as we’ve said before, you need to be a vibrational match in order to really ‘hear’ it.

A pioneer in this field is Dr. Bruce Lipton. He has written ‘Biology of Belief’, ‘Spontaneous Evolution’ & ‘The Honeymoon Effect’. He has conducted research and proven that our cells (approximately 50 trillion of them) respond to their environment. The environment is our thoughts and feelings. If we think positively and have nurturing self talk then the cells thrive and are in perfect health. If we think negatively and berate and abuse ourselves then the cells degenerate and mirror the environment we created. Just as Masaru Emoto found with the water, so are we determining the structure of our bodies with our very own thoughts and feelings. The same goes for our immediate environment. If you send out negative thoughts and emotions, then what you attract is more of the same and vice versa. It makes perfect sense then, that how you feel and what you think also determines the frequency of the vibrational structure of your food.

So here is experiment seven from Pam Grout’s E-Squared.

image (11)

Lab Report Sheet

 The Principle: The Jenny Craig Principle

The Theory: Your thoughts and consciousness provide the scaffolding for your physical body.

The Question: Does what I think affect my environment – specifically, the food I take into my body?

The Hypothesis: If my thoughts and consciousness are in a continuous dance with my environment, the food I eat can’t help but be affected by my thoughts. By changing what I think about and say to my food,  I will be healthier and, for the sake of this experiment, lose at least one pound (454gm).

 Time Required: 72 hours

 Today’s Date:

Weight as Recorded First Thing in the Morning: ____________

Weight as Recorded First Thing in the Morning, Three Days Later: ____________

The Approach: Don’t change a single thing about your diet, in fact, what you eat should be a non-issue during the time period of this experiment. However, every time you do eat something over the next three days, whether it’s your morning over-easy eggs or an afternoon slice of co-worker’s birthday cake, deliberately and consciously send the food positive, loving thoughts before ingesting it. Thank it for nourishing you and expect it to contribute to the betterment of your body.

Research Notes:

End of Experiment.

The most important part of this experiment is to remember to not talk negatively to your food or yourself.

I can’t wait to read your experiences.

Until next week, have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!!

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