Last week’s assignment was all about ‘Inner Guidance’. For most this is happening constantly and sometimes without even being truly aware. Our family had some great guidance during this experiment. One person asked, “Should I continue doing my chosen profession? If I am supposed to be doing this profession, perhaps I will get some feedback as to whether I will attend the retreat later this year or not.” The very next day in their inbox on their email was a message that said “The retreat is definitely on later this year.” This answered their question as plain as day, inner guidance at work once again.

This week is all about how your thoughts and consciousness impact matter.

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A few years ago my parents were busy (this is not a surprise as they rarely sit still) tending the garden. They have a beautiful backyard full of tropical plants, along with a pool and a large wooden deck to relax on. On this occasion the pool was devoid of water. It was just a big concrete hole in the ground with a small amount of stagnating water blanketing the bottom. They were close to cleaning and refilling it but hadn’t as yet. Surrounding the pool is a rainforest of palms and the like with a beautiful waterfall cascading down rocks into the pool.

Pool for blog

On this occasion my mother had noticed a palm frond that needed to be removed, however, it was in an awkward spot near the pool. As she climbed her way over plants and rocks to get to the frond, she lost her balance and plummeted into the empty pool.

At the hospital she had X-Rays and after an examination by doctors she was told she had a broken coccyx and a broken bone in her hand that would need either pinning or wiring as it was completely disconnected. They placed her hand and arm in a cast and spoke about surgery. My mother, who for years has been an advocate for self-healing, refused the surgery and told the doctors that she would fix it herself. The response from the doctors was a rolling of the eyes and disbelief.

Mum went home and for the next few days she meditated, applied Reiki, practised gratitude and believed 100% that she could mend her broken bones herself. She had no doubt, she knew with every fibre in her being that her bones would be, once again, whole. Seven days later she had to visit the hospital again for a check-up and for the doctors to convince her that she needed the surgery.

You can imagine their surprise when the X-rays came back with no fractures. They were so surprised that they sent a bone specialist to see Mum and compare X-rays. The bone specialist couldn’t believe that Mum had healed herself within seven days. All he said was “It’s a miracle.”

Mum knew better. She knew that your thoughts effect the cells in your body, which in turn will both heal and mend with positive thoughts or deteriorate with negative thoughts. She applied healing energy, used the intention to heal, was immensely grateful (positive thoughts) and meditated. The effect was a spontaneous healing.

We are all capable of being well. We are all capable of never being sick or recovering from illness. We are all capable of affecting matter with our thoughts.

“People need to realise that their thoughts are more primary than their genes, because the environment, which is influenced by our thoughts, controls the genes.” Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

There are so many ways that this has been proven. You only have to pick up a book by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Louise L. Hay, Ian Gawler, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Anita Moorjani, Dr. Wayne Dyer (and the list could go on forever) to read for yourselves about all the ‘scientific proof’ that is out there. Experiments like Dr. Masaru Emoto’s effect with using positive or negative thoughts and words to affect water into producing beautiful or incomplete crystal formations. There is also Lynne McTaggart and the Intention Experiments and of course, Pam Grout and the eighteen experiments found in her E-Squared and E-Cubed books.

If you are wanting to know more, there is a wealth of information just waiting to be found by you. When you are ready, the desire will match your vibration and your inner guidance will direct you to this fountain of knowledge.

image (10)

This brings us to Experiment Six. Since most of us will find it difficult to replicate Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments, Pam has kindly created an experiment that will take time but will show the same outcome.


* Cardboard egg carton

* Potting soil

* Green bean seeds


Plant two beans in each of the twelve slots of the egg carton, and place it near a window. Water the plants every couple of days. Make the following conscious intention: With my innate energy, I will that the beans on the left side of the egg carton grow faster than the beans on the right.

Write down your observations for the next seven days. Voila – by the end of the week, you should see evidence that your intention has manifested.

-Excerpt from E-Squared by Pam Grout

image (9)

Lab Report Sheet

 The Principle: The Superhero Principle

 The Theory: Your thoughts and consciousness impact matter.

 The Question: Is it possible to affect the physical world with my attention?

 The Hypothesis: If I focus my attention on a row of green bean seeds, I can make them sprout faster.

 Time Required: Seven days

 Today’s Date:                                    Time:

 The Approach: I will focus my attention on a row of green beans. I will send those seeds positive vibes and expect them to be influenced by my energy.

 Research Notes:

 End of Experiment.

Good Luck with this experiment. As this takes seven days, I would begin straight away.  If you haven’t completed this experiment within a week, never mind, do it at your own pace and if you feel like sharing your results at a later date, just post your comment below whenever it suits you.

Until next week……..have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!!

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