I didn’t have anyone asking for help last week, so I will take that as a sign that you all had no trouble completing the experiment. Which is fantastic!!!

I certainly noticed small changes happening just by flipping a judgement into an affirmation. How did everyone else go?

heart eyes

This week is all about seeing the good in every situation. It’s about knowing that we are all connected, that we are all one. There is no “her, him or they” only “us”. It’s about experiencing a situation or coming into contact with someone or something that you find quite intolerable and looking at them or it with eyes of love.

Most of you have stopped reading and have instead started to think, “I’m not about to look at my awful neighbour who leaves their stinking trash can near my front porch with eyes of love.” “I’m not about to look at my supervisor, who keeps taking credit for my ideas, with eyes of love and you can forget about looking at that bully at school, who’s teasing that poor little kid, with eyes of love.” No Sir-ee, I can’t stand any of those people and if that’s what this week’s assignment is all about then you can count me out.


Source (Universal Energy, Spirit, the FP, God……whatever you want to call it…..you can name it High Flying Cosmic White Light Lego’s for all I care), is love. It loves everything, everyone and every situation. You are source and source is you. It permeates all.

“Source, in fact, sees us exactly as we are – giant, blissed-out balls of love – even when we’re mean or judgemental or perceiving our mothers-in-law as Bin Laden clones.” Pam Grout – E-Cubed

There is nothing wrong with looking at particular situations or people with judgemental eyes or eyes of detestation, however, there is a fantastic reason why you probably don’t want to dwell in that state too long. When we look at others with eyes of animosity we move out of alignment with source. It is impossible to look at anything and feel disgust and remain in alignment. Alignment is where joy and love live. End of story.

image (25)

This is the reason why no problem can be solved by focusing on the problem. Have you ever noticed by doing this you never find a solution? Isn’t it crazy how big some situations get? Take a simple example of someone who had a response from someone they didn’t like. They dwell in it, they talk about it, and they want to know why that person responded that way. Then they move into the blame game and then from there, a thread appears on social media, where everyone feels it is important for them to voice their opinion on the matter. Then from there, a ‘support’ group is established where everyone can talk about it even more. Now we’ve gone from someone who didn’t quite like that particular response to a whole bunch of strangers organising meetings about it. Is the situation solved? Do you feel better about it? Are you happy and full of joy? Of course not, because how could you be, when you are rolling around in the problem like a dog rolls around in that smelly spot in the grass. Does the dog get up smelling like roses? No, the dog gets up smelling like poo. You roll around in something, it is going to get all over you!!!

dog in grass

Tups - We've been pimped!

Have you noticed that when you are in alignment, everything in your life runs smoothly? From traffic being non-existent, to a discount at the coffee shop, from your favourite song coming on over the loud speakers during shopping, to your child giving you a beautiful painting of a big smiling face. It doesn’t matter what it is, everything just seems to flow. Then when something does happen, like a flat tyre, instead of cursing, getting out of the car, kicking the tyre and grumbling whilst you change it. You simply pop out of the car, still humming your tune whilst you change the tyre, get back in and notice that a text arrived as you were changing the tyre, to advise you that your appointment had been cancelled. Wow……that worked out well. Thank you flat tyre, now I don’t have to drive all the way across town. Now I have more time to spend with my gorgeous family!!! When you are grumbling and out of alignment, you don’t see the small speed bumps as tiny miracles.

Another condition we seem to have adopted is waiting. Waiting to be happy, waiting to love, waiting, waiting, waiting. We place conditions on us obtaining the end result. I will feel happy when……, I will love you when………, we can talk when you………., Then, there’s the biggest one of all, once I get rich, then I’ll be joyful.

None of that works because you aren’t in alignment. When you are in alignment you see everything and everyone as blessings. The easiest way to become aligned is to be grateful.

image (26)

“It’s pretty easy to be grateful when the sails of life are blowing your way. But what about the times when things ‘appear’ not to be working out? My tack? Say ‘Hallelujah!’ anyway. We, in our limited pea brains, don’t always see the big picture. It’s like standing with your nose against the pointillist painting. It looks like a bunch of dots. But when you step back and look again in gratitude, it becomes Georges Seurat’s ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.’´- Pam Grout – E-Cubed

If you look back throughout your life, you will notice little tipping moments. You may think you see some whoppers, but really they were just little tipping moments. The little tipping moments were those moments when something happened that you weren’t happy about at the time but now, by being able to ‘see the bigger picture’, you realise it was the best thing that could have happened.

“Once you can say, ‘this is the best thing to happen to me’ about everything that happens in your life, you’ll be aligned with the FP.” Pam Grout-E-Cubed

As an example, I was a very shy child. Someone only had to look in my direction and the flames of embarrassment would engulf my face. When I was ten years old, my parents decided to move interstate. At first I was excited, it was a big adventure, and then I had to go to school….not such a big adventure anymore. Everything was different, the class sizes, the subjects, the way you wore your hair, the height of your socks, everything. To top it all off I was, of course, the subject of attention as a newcomer. My worst nightmare. I think I spent most of those first weeks with a face that was fire engine red. I was stressed, upset and embarrassed. You know what, ‘That was the best thing to happen to me’. It taught me about leaving your comfort zone, it taught me that change can be difficult but it always works out for the best, it taught me to explore the world and to learn new ways. I might not have realised what it was teaching me at the time but when I stood back later in life and looked at the bigger picture, it all made sense. It was just the beginning of my ‘little tipping moments’ but as each of them appeared (and some were doozies.), I can now look back with confidence and know with every fibre of my being that ‘This was the best thing to happen to me!’.

If that hadn’t of happened, I might still be the meek and mild girl I was before that tipping moment. Thank you, FP, for my evolving moment!!!

I know what you are thinking, moving interstate…..that’s nothing, what about major tipping moments? Well, they are the same. Minor, major, small, big, trivial, immense…………..they all carry the same energetic imprint. They all have the ability to let you see the blessings or the curse, the good luck or the misfortune, the positive or the negative.

When I was eleven years old, only a year after my first tipping point, I had what some people would call a major tipping moment. A friend’s father thought it was acceptable to take advantage of me. At the time it was horrible. Not only were the actual incidents traumatic but there were police interviews and bullying at school. The step-children of the man who was charged were hurting too and the only outlet they knew at the time was to tease me, to call me names and pull my hair, hitting me and threatening me. I felt vulnerable. The only solace I had (apart from my supportive and understanding family) was with a friend who was going through the same thing. Looking back, I can honestly say that ‘this was the best thing to happen to me’. I didn’t feel that way during it and I certainly didn’t feel that way for many years after the fact but now, I know it was perfect. It made me into the strong, capable woman I am today. It made me available to help others. It helped me surge far out of my comfort zone and know that everything was still going to be okay. It was one of the topics that I concentrated on whilst doing the “You Can Heal Your Life” seminar by Louise L Hay. It allowed me to understand that no matter what happens in your life, you always have control of your reaction. You always have control over your feelings towards it. You can either stay rolling around in the grass or you can get up, brush yourself off and open your arms out wide, inviting a beautiful day in.

If that hadn’t of happened, I might have still been the weak, introverted, helpless little girl. Thank you FP, for my evolving moment!!!

So to the question, what about the major tipping moments? Answer, they are no different. It doesn’t matter about the size of the event. It certainly doesn’t matter how much bigger or smaller something is compared to someone else’s tipping moment. The only thing that matters is how you can perceive it with loving eyes and see it for the moment it was. When you think about it, it was just a moment out of a long life. Why would you stay in one terrible moment, when there are a million wonderful moments happening all around?

Be love, be grateful, be Joyous and then you will find yourself in alignment. When you find yourself in alignment the world is your oyster!!

Just as I finish writing this bit, I see the time is 2:22!! Thank you, FP!!!

The following is taken directly from Pam Grout’s E-Cubed

“Here’s what I’d like you to do:

  1. Be a love bomber. Get a pad of sticky notes (they come in all sorts of brilliant colours) and write love notes to the world. Stick them up everywhere. Tuck them into books at the library. Leave them on the back of dollar bills. Tag posters on the subway.
  2. Appreciate the world’s most annoying person. I once heard spiritual author Wayne Dyer say that there’s a photo of Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk-show host, on his alter. It’s there along with St. Francis, Lao-tzu, and other masters because loving Rush, who has been known to push a few buttons, offers us a Ph.D. program in loving unconditionally. So pick out someone who trips your triggers (I know you’re thinking of someone) and begin looking for things to appreciate about him or her.

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate how you feel before performing these two acts and after.”

image (24)

Lab Report Sheet

 The Corollary: The “I’m Loving and I Know It” Corollary

The Theory: There is no “them.” It’s only “us.”

The Question: Is it possible that all people (and situations and events and other intolerable things) I can’t stand are blessing me with opportunities to grow?

 The Hypothesis: The more love I generate, the more I’ll be in alignment with the field of infinite potentiality.

 Time Required: 72 hours.

 The Approach:I will actively look for things to appreciate about “my enemy”. I will try to see him or her in a different light. Maybe I can picture him as a young boy, being teased at school. Maybe I can appreciate her ferocity, however misguided it might seem. And then, after spending the next three days sending out love bombs to the world, I will gauge how I feel before and after.

How I feel Before: 

How I feel After:

 Research Notes:

End of Experiment.

To start the love bombs off, here is one for you. I THINK YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

As always, have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!

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