Did you all have fun last week? Did everyone check off all the items on their lists?

I had so much fun. A belly laugh…….CHECK (Thanks to my gorgeous sister!! She knows the story :)), A toy from your childhood…….CHECK (Rubix Cube), Your favourite song from high school….. CHECK ( Pseudo Echo’s Funky Town popped up on my news-feed!! Gave me another opportunity to boogie on down), The number 222……….CHECK (popped up multiple times!!! The time I woke up, someone’s post code that I had to send mail to and the list goes on!!), A Beach ball……CHECK (saw a massive beach ball hanging off a table in a pop up shop in the middle of the centre), A Senior citizen in a fashionable hat………… CHECK (was watching a movie when a lovely woman entered the room wearing a beautiful hat), A smile from a baby………CHECK (numerous times whilst shopping), last but not least, A billboard with a message for you…………CHECK (Had an advertisement pop up that I knew was just for me..!!)

That was a lot of fun. Proving once again, that what you expect to see, you always see. That which you focus on, grows!!

This week is all about judgements and perception.

Every time we make a judgement, it is inevitably eliminating all other variations and prospects. This is right, that is wrong. That is good, this is bad. It is in all truth seeing everything as black or white with no grey. No give or take, no flexibility, no possibilities. This is also the perfect way to dampen creativity and create more rules.

louise hay change

“I know making judgments seems necessary for fully understanding life. But ‘understanding things’ is really a synonym for taking away their power. Once you start labelling – this is an oak tree. That is a juvenile delinquent. That thing over there is a couch – all other possibilities are cut off at the knees, severed like the head in The Godfather. That oak tree might be a home for a squirrel or a hiding spot in hide-and-seek, that juvenile delinquent might be a brilliant artist, that couch could be a bed or a fort for your six-year-old. Once we figure everything out, we stop looking for anything else.” – Pam Grout, E-Cubed

Judgements, whether about ourselves, loved ones, strangers or things, cause resistance. It also leads to blame. Blame is the fastest way to get stuck in ‘problem’ mode. If you are constantly looking at problems, how can you expect to find solutions? We blame everything and everyone around us. It is all their fault that I feel this way. It is all their fault that I am where I am in life. No, it’s not. Not one person or thing can make you feel a certain way. Not one person or thing has that power over you. Only you can allow or deny a feeling. Only you and you alone have created the life that you are leading.

power louise hay

Life is all about choices. Every single twist and turn in life is a choice. The people who were told that these are the rules, this is how it is and turned their back on that rule, discovered, invented and created a myriad of ground-breaking ideas and products. If we all believed that this is it, that these are the rules, that this is what you must do, have, speak, eat, think and feel, the world would be stuck and would never progress. Life is all about living outside of societies four walls.

The same goes for information we obtain, whether it is via the newsreader on the television, the writer in the paper, the expert doctor on health, the priest on spirituality. Everything you see is a choice. You can choose to agree or to disagree. Nothing is set in stone. If someone is feeding you a piece of information with the connotation of this is right or wrong, good or bad. These people are in fact, telling you to eliminate all other possibilities.

One of the industries today that is so caught up in problem mode that they are finding it difficult to ‘discover solutions’ is the health industry. The industry, in general, is very quick to diagnose, very quick to hand out a prescription, very quick to make you feel that it is all doom and gloom. Yet, we are living longer, living healthier and on the whole, are much happier. So why is it that we feel the need to delve into the epidemics and the scare mongering of the health care industry? It was only the other day that I watched a doctor say how wonderful it was that women are now taking precautions by removing parts of their body, in case they develop certain dis-eases. That they have ‘discovered’ a certain gene that means these women have a higher probability of developing certain dis-eases and how very brave of them to remove those parts, in case. My choice is that this is not a reality for me. I choose not to agree. For me it is like saying, I am not going to drive a car because there is a chance that I will have an accident. In fact, I have a higher probability than most for having an accident because I am a woman in my forties who wears glasses. Better not drive. That way I have cut my chances of accidents and death by 80%. However, this does not enter my reality, as this is not my truth. I don’t believe that the doctor has researched all possibilities.

Why haven’t these same doctors that ‘discovered’ the genes responsible also delved into Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work of the fact that genes can be changed by the way you think and feel? Is it really easier to just lop a piece of yourself off and hope for the best? What if, even with this gene, you still didn’t get the disease? So here is a great example of someone else’s perception not being in alignment with my own. That is okay. That is right for them, just not for me. It only matters what I think and what I feel.

problems abraham hicks

Imagine visiting the doctor and the doctor asking you, “So how much fun are you having in life at the moment? Do you have something in life that gives you joy when think about it? Yes? Oh, okay then, I want you to go home, think about that thing that gives you joy, go out and have some fun and if you’re still feeling unwell in a couple of weeks, come back.” Instead, they are likely to order a barrage of tests, give you a prescription, poke, prod and then give you a diagnosis. Then, they will give you a list of what you can and can’t do, what you can and can’t eat. Rules and judgements abound!!! The only way is their way. You can only treat it, you can’t cure it. Then when something has miraculously been ‘cured’, they try to persuade themselves that whatever it was in the first place, mustn’t have really been there. Yes, that must be it……….as nothing else, in their minds, is possible. Possibilities have been severed.

The more you concentrate on the ‘problems’ the bigger those problems get. The more you tell yourself the same sad story, the more that sad story takes hold. The more you reiterate a judgement or perceive something as a certain way, the more that judgement and perception becomes your reality.

There are no right or wrong answers. People’s perceptions are individual.

Have you ever noticed that ‘gossip’ is never the same story that was originally told? It is exaggerated, manipulated and distorted as each person in the chain tells it. Why? Well, each person is perceiving the story in their own unique way. It is the same as playing ‘Chinese Whispers’. The person who starts the story may say something simple like “The yellow tree grows fast and bears green fruit.” As that sentence progresses from person to person, little things change, like a word or a subject and the sentence is perceived in a different way. What started off as “The yellow tree grows fast and bears green fruit” becomes, “The mellow bee flies fast when it hears its queen’s hoot.” The end result is nothing like the original sentence and if you have ever played the game, you will see how quickly the original sentence changes.

This is proving that by relying on others judgements and on others perceptions, you are in fact, tainting your view of your life. There is no one better than yourself for deciding what is true for you.

This experiment will ask you to find a judgement you are making about yourself and to flip it over. Whether it is you feel you can’t lose weight, you always suffer from depression, you always attract the wrong sort of partners, you always make a fool of yourself in large crowds or you find it hard to make ends meet. It doesn’t matter what the judgement is, you are going to hone in on one of them and turn it around.

This is going to be rewriting a judgement into an affirmation.

image (22)

Lab Report Sheet

 The Corollary: The Simon Cowell Corollary

The Theory: Nothing is absolute; only my thinking makes it so.

The Question: Is it possible that all the labels I’ve placed on myself, all the beliefs I’ve had about who I am, are nothing but a mirage that I’ve erroneously cemented in from years of believing in their veracity?

The Hypothesis: If I flip a long-held belief about myself, I will find just as much evidence in support of that reality.

Time Required: 72 hours.

 Today’s Date: _________________ Time: ______________________

Deadline for Receiving Answer: ______________

 The Approach: I will choose one of the many stories I’ve long believed about myself and I will spend three days investigating whether its opposite might be every bit as true.

Research Notes:

End of Experiment.

If anyone has any difficulty with this one, I suggest having a good read of pages 103 – 114 in E-Cubed by Pam Grout. This will help you gain more clarity. Alternatively, drop me a line via email, facebook or text and I will try my best to help you.

As always, have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!!

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