black swallowtail 1Last week’s experiment and this week’s experiment sort of mixed into one for me. I put out there for a sign and low and behold I had butterflies around me, everywhere I looked or walked, black and white ones. Not swarms, mind you….I think if that would have happened it would have been hard to do my day to day tasks but definitely a butterfly fluttering it’s pretty wings around my head, or someone sending me a picture of one out of the blue. Everywhere I looked, whether it was on my computer (the picture turning up in my inbox) or out and about walking…..there they were, fluttering around me. Even the girl walking in front of me with her pants so low that her bum crack was showing….still can’t figure out why they think this is a good idea…had a butterfly tattoo just above that unflattering crack. Sometimes, in my mind I picture myself walking over and grabbing both sides of their pants and hitching them up to their hips or waist and saying, “There, doesn’t that feel better. I wasn’t sure if you were aware but your pants were falling down.” It always puts me in a good mood and brings a smile to my face. I’m sure they are looking at me and thinking, maybe I should give that woman some money as she obviously can’t afford much…walking around in her tracky dacks. Then I become the crazy woman, walking around the shopping centre with a huge grin on her face….anyway, back to point.

I was talking to my mother about the butterflies and she said she always sees yellow butterflies and I told her about my black and white ones. The funny thing is that after that, I started seeing my black and white butterfly and at the same time Mum’s yellow one, flying around. Mum had the same experience. She saw her yellow butterflies flying alongside my black and white ones. This brings me to discuss the next experiment.

yellow butterfly

“What shows up in our lives is a direct reflection of our inner thoughts and emotions.” – Pam Grout

How true this saying is. There are a lot of people out there who will be very quick to dismiss this idea, to tell everyone how ridiculous it is, to point the finger at everyone and everything else around them and say “I didn’t make that happen and I certainly wasn’t thinking about it.”

In essence, the fact that they are putting any degree of attention towards the person or situation, is them thinking about it. I challenge anyone to look at a bubble and not think about a bubble. It feels like an impossible task. Yet, every time we pay attention to something we put energy into that particular thing.

Don’t you find it kind of crazy that certain things in our world seem to become out of control and that everyone is talking about it. They are going to war over it, they are trying to conquer it, and something has become an epidemic……the more attention that is put on something the bigger it becomes. It is a law of attraction.

The world is so used to focusing on problems that is there any wonder that no solutions are found. In order to find solutions, solutions must be focused on. If you’re so busy focusing on problems, then those problems become bigger and that is all you see.

“In reality, our universe is a moving, scampering energy field with infinite possibilities, but because our eyes have locked in on problem mode, that’s what appears to be reality.” Pam Grout – E squared

The less focus you give something, the less of it you see, the more focus you give something, the more of it you see.

How you see life

This is why when you are looking for a new car….you start to see people driving that particular model of car everywhere. Those new pair of yellow pants you’ve been admiring, you start to notice everyone wearing them.

This experiment is all about focus. What you put your focus on is what you’ll start to see, to attract. When I first did Experiment number two I actually asked for Green cars. Of course, I saw plenty of them, however, then I thought I would try the Sunset-Beige and of course I saw them too…not as many though. Then I started to see Green cars being followed by Sunset-Beige cars…….then I knew that the FP was of course working and I started with the butterflies. At first there were a few butterflies, then came many more and brilliant colours. After Experiment one, I knew that this experiment would work and it did. There were no doubts or limitations in my mind. You need to expect but let go all at the same time. Ready for Experiment two? Here it comes…….

image (2)

Lab Report Sheet

 The Principle: The Volkswagen Jetta Principle

The Theory: You impact the field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations.

The Question: Do I really see only what I expect to see?

 The Hypothesis: If I decide to look for sunset-beige cars and butterflies (or purple feathers), I will find them.

 Time Required: 48 hours

Today’s Date:


 Deadline for Receiving Gift:

 The Approach: 

According to this crazy Pam Grout girl, the world out there reflects what I want to see. She says that it’s nothing but my own illusions that keep me from experiencing peace, joy, and love. So even though I suspect she’s cracked, today I’m going to look for sunset-beige cards, Tomorrow, I’ll go butterfly hunting.

  1. Number of sunset-beige cars observed
  2. Number of butterflies observed

 Research Notes:

End of Experiment.

Thank you to those who are sharing their experiences. I find that reading what other people are experiencing assists others in letting go of doubt, in realising that any little sign is actually THE sign. No need to second guess yourself and no need to have big grandiose, lightning from the sky signs. The other day, I asked for a sign regarding my beautiful dog, “Bella” and on my computer popped a picture of a dog with a sign around its neck that said “If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.” I laughed and knew that was it. I didn’t care if a thousand other people got that same picture or if someone said to me, that it would have arrived regardless. It meant something to me and that is all that matters.

So please, if you have something to share, upload it to the blog, put it on Melanie’s Holistic Healing’s facebook page or send me an email and I will do it for you. The more of us that share, the better our world becomes.

Good Luck with Experiment Number Two and same time next week will be Experiment Number Three.

As always have fun and immerse yourself in joy……..

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