How did everyone go with last fortnight’s experiment? I had so much fun. I had a bunch of five dollar notes ready to go. The funny thing is, that even before I was able to leave a five dollar note, I started receiving them. I got back five dollar notes in change, I acquired free coffee’s that were worth five dollars, I received discounts of five dollars… just kept coming. It just goes to show, it is always the intention that creates the manifestation, not the action.

abraham no action required

As for the five cent exercise, I have a wonderful story that a lovely client has given me permission to publish. Here is her account, in her own words.

Well I was in the shower earlier acknowledging it was “Tuesday” and I thought to myself “Oh well, I didn’t find any 5 cent coins on the ground as I asked for.” All of a sudden I jumped and was so excited, grin ear to ear, I remembered that earlier I was at my Nans house and she had a little table in front of her. I noticed at one stage 4 x 5 cent coins appeared, knowing that my little ones had probably found them somewhere in her home and brought them to her. I asked her but she said she didn’t know where they came from. I didn’t click at the time and being a choking hazard to kids, popped them in my pocket to keep out of reach.
Later I came home and got changed and two must have fallen out onto my black shaggy style carpet. I walked into my room a little later and saw the two five cent coins and got the other two out of the pocket and put them on the dresser, still not clicking that this is what I HAD ASKED FOR!! I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to tell someone. The reason why it took me so long to realise was because I was kind of expecting to find them on the ground outside or at the shops etc, but it goes to show, just to ask and not think about how. But I must admit, it actually did feel like I won the Lotto! Imagine the possibilities!!” – Carmel from Shailer Park

Thank you, Carmel for sharing this wonderful story. That’s definitely the key, to ask for something and then to not try and control the how. Just to trust that it will come, in whatever form it decides to.

This was such a fun experiment, that I believe I will continue with it!!!

This week is all about Nature versus News. It’s about getting back in touch with your immediate surroundings and disconnecting from irrelevant information.  How do I know if something is irrelevant? Well, that’s easy. You just need to ask yourself one question. Does this thought, object, situation, person fill me with joy and benefit me? That’s it. If it doesn’t then it is irrelevant.

Let’s delve deeper.

When concentrating on the ‘news’, whether it is watching the news of an evening, reading your newspaper or scrolling through Facebook/google/the web. You are inadvertently focusing on ‘things’ that are irrelevant to you. When focusing on the disheartening stories, the ‘poor me’ report, the terrible things that have happened today or merely the fact that someone said something you don’t like, it conjures up feelings of anger, frustration, disbelief, sadness and blame. None of those feelings will keep you in alignment.

abraham no news needed

I personally stopped watching the news a while ago as I noticed that after watching it, I felt sad. Could I personally go back in time and stop those things from happening? No. Could I personally fix the situation half way across the world? No. Did I learn something valuable from watching it? No. So I turned it off.

What I didn’t do, was call the media and complain about the news. I didn’t rant down the phone, telling the person who was a representative of the channel, “How dare you air such sadness!! Do you think I want to know about these terrible things? I demand you remove the content from the air immediately.”

Do you know why there is never a reason to demand someone remove something that offends you? You have the power in your fingertips. It is called the remote. You can change the channel to something brighter or simply switch it off. Just because you don’t want to watch such terrible sadness, doesn’t mean everyone else shouldn’t watch it either.

Facebook is another option available in our current society. It’s great for networking, for advertising, for sharing wonderful quotes and stories, however, it is also a mecca of negativity. You have the people on Facebook who share their positive vibes, their beautiful quotes, their funny stories and you have the people who use it like a diary. For some strange reason they want everyone to read their ‘gripe’. The same people usually will comment at the bottom of an article or post about how wrong that person is, or how bitter they are.

Again, you have a choice. You can get caught up in the negativity, adding your ‘two cents worth’ or you can simply scroll past, even hit ‘hide from timeline’. As soon as you focus on the negative post and have feeling behind it, you start to change your vibration to attract more of what the post is about. There is a wonderful minion saying that just about sums it up.

facebook drama

The chapter this week brought back a memory of a very important lesson I learned when first starting to discover the Law of Attraction. I was watching the Abraham teachings as spoken by Esther Hicks. She gave an analogy that has always kept me company.

“It’s like this well-stocked kitchen, with every ingredient imaginable, and you want to make this delicious pie, and you say, “Ah, I have the ingredients chosen for my favourite pie, and I see no reason for any other ingredients to exist. So, I would like to eradicate the kitchen of Tabasco sauce and things like that.” And we say, just don’t put it in your pie and you say, “But what if it gets in my pie?” And we say, it can’t get in your pie, unless you put it there. And you say, “But I would feel better if it weren’t in the kitchen because just the fact that it’s in the kitchen, makes me fear that it will get in my pie.” And we say, it will not get in your pie, unless you put it in your pie.   And you say, “But others are putting it in their pie, and what if some of it gets in my pie?” And we say, it can’t get in your pie unless you put it in your pie. And you say, “It’s in my pie! It’s in my pie! How did it get in my pie?” And then you start trying to explain how it got in your pie. “They put it in my pie. They had the power to put it in my pie, because I didn’t want it in my pie; I know I wouldn’t have put something in my pie that I didn’t want in my pie. So, since I know I wouldn’t have done it, and there it is, evidence, it’s done, then somebody else has power in my experience. Maybe a past life.” And we say, really, it’s just your attention to the unwanted thing that caused it to get in your pie.” – Abraham (Esther Hicks)


Lesson learned. Don’t focus on things you don’t want. Don’t focus on things that make you feel worse. Don’t follow everyone else in their sensationalist attitudes. Don’t blame anyone else for how you are feeling or your circumstance. Just focus on what you want, just focus on what makes you feel great. Just focus on the wonderful people, things and situations around you. You don’t need to get rid of the Tabasco Sauce from your kitchen, you just need to not put it in your pie!!!

For the first part of this week, you are going to switch off from all current affairs. No news, no gossip, no technology. (I know the last one is hard, you can just switch off sporadically if it suits you better.)

The second part of this week is about getting back in sync with nature. Focusing on your immediate surroundings. Taking long walks on your favourite bush track, listening to the beautiful chorus of sounds as you walk. During these lovely times spent back in nature, you are going to ‘tune in’ to the environment. As we know, everything is energy. Everything is vibrating at different frequencies. You can ‘tune in’ to these frequencies anytime you desire. You will be surprised at the communication to be had with the environment around you. This can be with the plants, with the animals, and of course with other humans around you.

I have a wonderful story about communication with my Golden Retriever. We often communicate……..yes, barking at each other, she still likes to have the last word. However, I’m speaking more of the silent communication.

We have always had a strong bond. She has been treated like a child from the very beginning. She is part of our family and so, she acts like it. She understands me perfectly and I understand her. She knows when I’m not well. She will often come and sit at my feet, giving a little lick to let me know ‘Everything is okay.’

Last night, it was the other way around. I felt that she wasn’t feeling the best. It was just a feeling that came over me. She then stopped on her bed, just standing there, looking at me, before she threw up. I wasn’t surprised as I had ‘felt’ she wasn’t well. Through the night, I sent her Reiki as did my wonderful mother. At 3.30am I got up and went and sat on the sofa, just watching her. About an hour later, I had another feeling pass over me that she was feeling much better. It was then that a thought popped into my head “Thanks, I don’t need the healing anymore.” I stopped sending her the healing and then she woke up, wagged her tail and smiled!! It was so synchronistic that I laughed.


When you find someone that has been labelled a ‘dog whisperer’, ‘horse whisperer’, ‘baby whisperer’ or even a ‘tree whisperer’, these are the people that have opened up that part of their vibration that allows them to become in sync with those animals, people or plants around them. We all have the ability. It isn’t a gift you are born with, it is a part of our existence that most have just ‘turned off’.

It is the same when it comes to psychics and mediums. It isn’t hereditary or a special, unique ability they have. Everyone has the capability of tuning into their sixth sense.  It’s all about frequencies and syncing with those particular vibrations.

“According to Anna Breytenbach, a former Silicon Valley IT professional who now works with veterinarians and conservation officials as an animal communicator, the ability to transfer information between minds, be it human or animal, is hardwired into the design of our brains. The trick, she says, is becoming empathetically connected and opening up to the electromagnetic impulses generated by thoughts and emotions.” – Pam Grout – E-Cubed

So sometime during the next week, take three days (they don’t have to be in succession) to switch off from your TV, your phones, your computers and spend the time noticing everything in your surrounds. Relish every moment, as really, that is all there is. Life is made up of a series of moments. How you spend each moment, how you feel in each moment and how you think in each moment, will determine how you experience your own life.

“Take time to really look at the people in your life. Watch them with full-bodied amazement. Pretend as if you’re meeting them for the first time. Be present to the sunrise. To the sunset. And every precious moment in between. Listen to the birds. Be open to message from your pets.” – Pam Grout E-Cubed

So this week be open to communication from all avenues. If a thought pops in your head, consider it a message.Here is this week’s experiment

image (31)

Lab Report Sheet

The Corollary: The Nature vs. News Corollary

The Theory: A vibrating, pulsing field with mystical information is available if I pay attention.

The Question: Is it possible that I’m seeing and believing in features of life that have no real relevance? And that I’m missing life-changing wisdom and lessons because I’m focused on the wrong things? Is it possible that nature itself has a message for me?

The Hypothesis: The more I’m connected to natural cycles and rhythms, the more energy and bandwidth of joy are available to me.

Time Required: 72 hours

Today’s Date:                                          Time:

Deadline for Receiving Answer: 

The Approach: For the next three days, I’m going to ban the news media (and yes, Facebook) from my awareness. Instead, I will seek the news from the natural world as I go outside and walk in my neighbourhood. I will actively seek and expect an important message.

Research Notes:

 End of Experiment.

Have fun strolling around your neighbourhood, parks, walking tracks and soak in the blissful feeling of being in nature with no means of being distracted by technology.

As always, have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!!

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