This week is all about utilising the Placebo Effect.


A Placebo is a medicine, surgery or pill prescribed purely for the psychological benefit to the patient. Meaning that the pill or medicine has no scientific cure for the ailments they were prescribed, in fact, in many cases the pill and/or medicines are usually sugar pills or empty capsules. With regards to surgery, the patient is prepped for surgery and has the belief that the surgery was performed but no surgery actually took place. The cure or relief the patient feels is known as the Placebo effect. What actually happened is the patients mind believed without a doubt that the actions that they believed took place cured them, but what really cured them was their own mind.


What is a belief? A Belief is a thought that is reiterated again and again until it forms a tangible link in the synapses in your brain that then becomes a belief. Beliefs can be changed as easy as thinking a specific thought repeatedly.

Beliefs are a vibration that you emit. It makes logical sense that if you are vibrating at a certain frequency, then that particular frequency is what you will also attract. Hence, if you have a belief that, “you had better wrap a scarf around your neck or you’ll ‘catch’ a cold”, you will probably find that if you do forget to wrap a scarf around your neck you will probably end up with the cold virus. It wasn’t the lack of scarf that lowered your immune system to allow a cold virus to take hold, it was your belief, your vibration, your frequency.

abraham placebo

The Law of Attraction is working constantly. It reflects back to you exactly where you are vibrationally. You will find that your environment, whether that is your relationships, your health, your wealth, your success or a myriad of other potential situations are all reflections of your beliefs and your thoughts.

A wonderful example is the person who has trouble with work colleagues. Their colleagues are terrible people, they verbally abuse the ‘victim’, they take credit for his or her work, they find ways to undermine and devalue the person’s effort, in fact ‘the victim’ can’t stand it anymore and so quits and moves on. This person starts a new job and a little down the track, their colleagues are terrible people, they verbally abuse the ‘victim’, they take credit for his or her work, they find ways to undermine and devalue the person’s effort, in fact ‘the victim’ can’t stand it anymore…………..why does this keep happening? Easy, because ‘the victim’ takes themselves everywhere they go. They are a perfect vibrational match to everything that happens in their life.

If you aren’t happy in a situation, or with your health, or with people around you, you need to change. You need to recreate your beliefs by thinking different thoughts repeatedly. When you do this you change your frequency. It is like really wanting to listen to a particular FM station but your radio is set to AM. It doesn’t matter how often your turn that dial you will only ever pick up AM stations. If you want to listen to FM, you need to flip the switch and change the frequency.

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One of the biggest misconceptions is health and genetic determinism. The field of epigenetics (the study of changes in organisms produced by alteration of gene expression rather than adaptation of the genetic code) has proven that the thoughts, feelings and intentions we experience everyday influences and alters the DNA blueprint in each person.

Dr Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., a stem cell biologist and bestselling author talks about the importance of epigenetics and genetic determinism.

“The difference between these two is significant because this fundamental belief called genetic determinism literally means that our lives, which are defined as our physical, physiological and emotional behavioural traits, are controlled by the genetic code. This kind of belief system provides a visual picture of people being victims. If the genes control our life function, then our lives are being controlled by things outside of our ability to change them. This lead to victimisation that the illnesses and diseases that run in families are propagated through the passing of genes associated with those attributes. Laboratory evidence shows this is not true.” – Dr Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. in an interview with Superconsciousness.

bruce lipton

Our intentions, our feelings, our thoughts have a greater impact on ourselves than any pharmaceutical drug ever could. The Placebo Effect is alive and well and scientists are finally physically proving the changes in our cells in response to those intentions, feelings and thoughts.

Just as Placebo’s have a positive effect, Nocebo’s have a negative effect. A Nocebo effect is when health declines due to a detrimental psychological or psychosomatic factor being introduced, such as negative expectations of treatments, side effects or a negative prognosis.

If someone tells you that a medicine can cause debilitating side effects (and you’ve been given the placebo) or a doctor diagnoses you and tells you the particular dis-ease you have (and they have given you a misdiagnosis), the resulting effects felt within your body are caused by your intentions, feelings and thoughts. Not by the ineffective drug/prognosis. This is what a Nocebo effect is classified as.

“In one clinical drug trial after another, people report side effects they are warned about even when their test drug is a placebo. In one study on Fibromyalgia, a full 11 percent of placebo takers dropped out due to debilitating side effects. Their thoughts created the symptoms.” – Pam Grout, E-Cubed

This next experiment is all about creating your own ‘placebo’ effect. Whilst ‘tricking’ your brain into believing a certain cure will work, you can just as easily programme your brain to change your health for the better.

In the words of Pam Grout

“First, think of a physical issue you’d like to alter in some way. Maybe you get headaches. Or you have trouble sleeping. Maybe your stomach growls. Or you’d like to drop a pound or two. Or get rid of the bags under your eyes. For the sake of the experiment, it’s best to pick something physical (because it’s easier to document), but the placebo effect works equally well on emotional issues. In fact, I would argue that physical issues, if you really break it down, are emotional issues in disguise. But, in the interest of scientific inquiry, we’re looking for something physical to identify and document. Now, pour a glass or water, rub your hands together to generate heat and energy, and hold them over the glass for 15 seconds. Voila! Your cure. Drink it slowly, concentrating on its healing effects. Pretend your doctor (or some other authority figure) wrote it out on a prescription pad. Repeat for three days. And remember what Harvard researched Ellen Langer has proven in countless studies: It’s not the placebo that affects recovery; it’s the mind-set you adopt. In her words, “You’re making yourself better.”

image (33)

Lab Report Sheet

The Corollary: The Placebo Corollary

The Theory: My thoughts are insanely powerful. So powerful I can flip reality by withdrawing my attention and shifting it to a different reality.

The Question: Is it possible I can concoct my own placebo?

The Hypothesis: If I spend three days drinking self-created, energy-infused water, I can improve or heal _________.

Time Required: 72 hours

Today’s Date:


Date for Checking Results:

The Approach: Sounds crazy, but I will create my own placebo, drink it for three days straight, and see if I can accomplish the physical change I desire.

Research Notes:

End of Experiment.

Good Luck to everyone and please don’t forget to share your experiences. As always have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!!

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