Here we are…the last experiment in ‘The 18 Week Journey’. When I look back from my experiences in Week One to now, I can see clearly how much I personally have grown. How I am more ‘awake’ than before, how I now understand that I am the creator of my life, how I have brought to me all the experiences, situations and physical manifestations that I have thought about. I have never been a victim, never allowed something into my experience that I hadn’t been the vibrational match to and never been out of control. This gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. It fills me with hope, excitement, expectation and joy. I am so excited to see what is in store for me next….what will I conjure into my experience??

Last week was a great experiment, using the ‘Placebo’ effect. I had some lower back pain that was annoying me. I knew it was a signal that I was out of alignment and that my thoughts were creating the pain. Perfect timing for the experiment. I sent my glass of water healing energy and told it, that it was going to relieve the pain in my lower back. Surprise, surprise!! It worked like a charm. I didn’t need anti-inflammatories or heat packs, just my glass of water. It worked so well. How did everyone else go?

This week is the epitome of experiments. Pam Grout lovingly calls it her “Yabba-Dabba Doo Corollary”.

yabba dabba doo

“In the next 72 hours, you’re going to knock, like Fred Flinstone, on the door, trusting that for at least a moment, you’ll get an undistracted peek at the unfathomable Truth of who you really are and what life is.” – Pam Grout, E-Cubed

All it takes is a slight adjustment of your perspective, some fine-tuning of your vibration. Imagine you are driving your car. If you stay in a straight line on a straight road, you will coast along, no problems at all, however, if you adjust your steering by a single notch, your car will start to veer to one side of the road. If you continue steering in that direction, your car will come off the road and you will either go bouncing around on the dirt, stones and brush or you will have an accident. If you recorrect your steering back into a straight line, you will correct your path and go back to coasting along. It is that simple!

car driving straight

Every minute of the day you have the choice to continue along your path, or to veer off and out of alignment. It isn’t worth panicking over… don’t throw your arms up in the air, screaming, that all hope is lost because you are veering out of alignment. You simply, find a better thought and recorrect your path. If you are able to do that instantaneously…fantastic and if it takes you a few days or weeks to recorrect……fantastic!!! There are no right or wrong answers, only what feels good and what doesn’t.

abraham doubt

You will always know when you are in alignment, as things will run very smoothly in your life. You will be feeling joyous and yes, your manifestations will present themselves. Everything becomes effortless. When we are out of alignment, we see problems. Everything becomes an obstacle to surmount, a hurdle to leap over or a stumbling block to which we feel we have to dust ourselves off and keep going. However, the only tools you will ever need to move your life back into the direction of feeling effortless is your thoughts, feelings and vibration.

There is no point in putting a huge amount of effort into action if your vibration is sending off frequencies completely opposite to your intentions. No amount of physical effort will influence the physical world if you haven’t cleaned up your vibration first. If you take a quick look back at your life, you will notice that this is the truth. How many times have you felt fantastic, thought of something, put action behind it and Voila!!, it manifested very quickly? How often have you thought of something, put action into it and no matter how much effort you put in, it doesn’t work out? Why? Simple……….in one example you were a perfect vibrational match and in the other you were out of alignment. No amount of physical effort was going to make your intention appear, as you were not a vibrational match.

einstein physics

This is a principle of Quantum Physics. Not gobbledy gook, hatched up by some crazy person in their dungeon, waving their hands around in their purple, flowing robes. No. This is science, pure and simple. The quicker people come to understand the basic premise of these laws, the easier their lives become.

Making that one slight adjustment to your thinking and thoughts is as simple as changing “IF I gain $1000, I will……” to “WHEN I gain $1000, I will….” Simple. Changing “If” to “when” can be used in every area of your life. It takes the ‘if’, which may or may not happen to the ‘when’, which will definitely happen. The most important lesson of all is to do what feels best. To say what feels best. If you aren’t sure, then verbalise a decision. Which path lets you feel relief? Which path physically, do you unclench your teeth, relax your shoulders, feel the tension leave your stomach? Which path turns a thought from a frown into a smile? These are your indicators. When making a decision, ask yourself which choice or pathway gives me the most relief? This is your internal guidance, showing you your path of least resistance. Lack of resistance, leads to alignment, which leads to joy and manifestations.

abraham unfolding perfectly

Pam Grout lists six ‘tweaks’ that you can perform to help impact your life for the better. Here they are, directly from E-Cubed:-

Tweak #1 – I ‘have to’ vs. I ‘get to’.

Example: Start Monday with this: I am so excited I get to go back to making money today.

Tweak #2 – “It’s just the way it is.” vs. “What else is possible?”

Example: Instead of focusing on what’s the same, on what’s familiar, ask, “What else is new?”

Tweak #3 – “Why can’t I do this?” vs. “What if?”

Example: “What if cancer could be healed instantly?”, “What if I wake up tomorrow and look younger?”, “What if life can keep getting better and better?”, “What if I start each day with a completely clear slate?”

Tweak #4 – “There’s not enough.” vs. “There’s more where that came from.”

Example: “There’s never enough time.” to “There is always plenty of time.”

Tweak #5 – “It’s hard.” vs. “It’s a piece of cake.”

Example: Because our beliefs are so powerful, literally sculpting our lives on a moment-by-moment basis, to believe (and especially to say out loud) that anything is difficult is extremely counterproductive.

Tweak #6 – “I’m all alone.” vs. “I am connected to everything.”

Example: Potentially, you in touch with every person, every answer and every material thing you could ever want. Absolutely everything is available to you. It’s impossible to cut yourself off from this connection.

By making these small adjustments to your day to day life, you will start to see major changes taking place. The last seventeen experiments have allowed you to practise the art of allowing, has made you more aware of your surrounds and has shown you that you and you alone, are in control of your life. They have, hopefully, shown you how to manifest those things and situations that you desire and how to remain in alignment for longer periods of time. They have also shown you, not to get caught up in your story as it is but to start telling it how you wish it to be. Most importantly they have shown you how your thoughts and feelings have such a huge bearing in your life and how they are the most important aspects to yourself and your journey.

Here is this week’s experiment in Pam Grout’s words:-

  1. Ask the FP, sincerely and fervently, for a transcendent moment. Ask to be clearly shown. Although many have tried to explain transcendence (Kant, for example, called it “that which goes beyond”), it’s so big and so extraordinary that words have little ability to illustrate it. Suffice it to say that when you get there, you will not miss it.
  2. Every time you’re in front of a mirror during the next three days (way too often for most of us in the Western world), look deep into your eyes and repeat to yourself, “This is not who I really am. I am so much more than this limited body.” This leaves some wiggle room in your reality.
  3. Allow yourself the luxury of being absorbed in a feeling of being deeply loved, being taken care of, having the abundance of all you need. Sink down into this infinite care the way you’d sink into an overstuffed couch.
  4. Whenever possible, notice the buzz within your body. As you take your attention off thought, you’ll feel this buzzing of energy flowing through your body. I call it “The Big Happy.”
  5. As you start to detach from your over-amped mind, you’ll notice a fluidity, an opening, a less-solid feeling, and drop down into a neutral, endless ocean of infinite possibilities.

image (34)

The Corollary: The Yabba-Dabba-Doo Corollary

The Theory: There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.

The Question: If there really is an invisible river of life, a force field that provides the blueprint for my life, why am I so often unaware of it? And is it possible that I can hook in to it?

The Hypothesis: If I release the resistance to that which is trying to come forth through me, I will get a glimpse, a sampling, of what life really is.

Time Required: 72 hours

Today’s Date: ____________   Time: ___________

The Approach: Okay, FP, this is your moment of glory. I expect to be shown a glimpse of my connection to the field complete with the awe and the magnitude. I’ve heard that once it comes, there’s no mistaking it. For the next 72 hours, I am going to be consciously receptive, listening and trusting that I will catch a glimpse of the river of life.

Research Notes:

Next week we will summarise all that we have learned during these eighteen fantastic weeks and how those experiments have changed our lives. I would love to include some stories from readers and if anyone is happy for me to share their story, please contact me at by Monday, 1st June 2015. Thank you in advance.

As always, have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!!

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