Last week I was again, very excited. I received my “sign”. My husband and I were travelling up to the Sunshine Coast when I suggested that I would like to see three brand new model ‘Range Rover Sports’ in three different colours. Soon after, my husband pointed out that the car in front of us was in fact, a brand new black Range Rover Sport. I clapped in excitement and said “Only two to go!”. We didn’t see any others on the way up, however, on the way back home we saw our second one, a silver one, travelling along side us on the highway. We got all the way to our suburb without seeing a third one, so I shrugged it off. It was then, that just ahead of us my husband pointed out our third one, a white with black roof. I was so excited…..I asked and I received. I saw three, all brand new models and all in different colours!!! How did everyone else go?

This week’s blog is a conclusion to the last eighteen weeks.

To start with, I want everyone to stand up, put one hand over the opposite shoulder and start to pat. You all deserve a big ‘pat on the back’ for completing “The 18 Week Journey”. I would like to thank everyone for participating. It has been extremely fun and even though I have been privy to all this information for a few years, I can honestly say, the last eighteen weeks has seen my awareness skyrocket.

I no longer look at situations, events, circumstances and tangible objects with ignorance but rather with a newfound mindfulness, that it was I that attracted these occurrences and manifestations into my life.

Over the last eighteen weeks we have studied “The Law of Attraction”. We have applied it to every status quo in our lives and have seen with our own eyes, the persistent consequence of our thoughts, feelings and vibration both negative and positive.

The biggest mistake people make is trying to remain positive every minute of every day. Whilst it is important to reach for this, it is also necessary to experience opposing moments. If you don’t experience those opposing moments, how do you know what it is you want and don’t want?

The best thing to do when you experience an opposing moment is to thank it. It has just shown you, where you are in regards to your personal emotional gauge. As soon as you know where you are, you can start to make the decision to move in whatever direction you please. If you want more opposing moments, then move further down your emotional gauge. If you want more positive moments, your wants to manifest and experience joy, then move up your emotional gauge. It really is as simple as that. Moving up and down is the same as going up and down a flight of stairs. You don’t get to the middle of a staircase and think “I’m stuck….somebody help me!!” You place one foot in front of the other and keep moving.

The key is to allow yourself to feel the emotion, to understand where it has come from and then to reach for a thought that feels better. You don’t want to beat yourself up because you’re having a negative day and you’re such a positive person. No, you want to allow the emotion and even just sit in it for a short while, then reach for a thought that feels better when you are ready. If you can’t find a ‘thought that feels better’ about that particular subject, then find something else in your life or surrounds that you can. It doesn’t matter how you move up your emotional gauge, just that you do.

abraham guidance scale

Another important fact is that you only have control over your own vibration. You, and you alone can move up and down the emotional gauge as you please. Only you can change your frequency to increase or decrease your vibrational state. You are the only reason why you are where you are in life. Not one single other person can control your vibration, frequency, thoughts or emotions. Not one single other person is to blame for why you feel a certain way. You cannot change another person. You will never be able to change another person. You can only change yourself and your thoughts, feelings and attitude towards the particular circumstance.

 abraham lack in others

This works with regards to everything, there is no subject where this ‘won’t work’. It is also important to remember that if you reiterate something, you are tuning into that frequency and increasing the vibration of that particular reiteration. If you wake up and say “I feel really good in the mornings but I feel ill every afternoon.” Guess what, you will continue to feel good in the mornings and ill in the afternoons. The stories you tell have such a big impact in our lives, that if you were aware of this, you would tread lightly when reiterating negative stories.

 abraham telling a different story

Some people have said that they have tried affirmations and they don’t work. Affirmations always work, the trick is to have feeling behind it. If you put feeling behind it, your affirmations won’t take long to reflect in your life. If you verbalise an affirmation and there is no feeling behind it, it won’t be as quick. You will say it over and over again, eventually you will find you have feeling behind it and that is when it will start to reflect. That can take a week, a month, sometimes even a year. How long it takes is again, only up to you.

The greatest thing regarding the last eighteen experiments is that it has allowed us to take ‘baby steps’ with regards to moving up your emotional gauge, to manifesting things you desire (and don’t desire…all the same energy) and to learning how we all control our lives, inside and out.

 abraham deliberate intent

For those in our lives who comment “I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction.”, well, they are allowed to believe whatever they choose. However, to make them think, you could respond with this, “So when you unstrap yourself from bed tomorrow morning and float out to the kitchen to try and make yourself a cup of coffee, maybe ask yourself what is it that keeps your kettle on the bench top and your bed on the floor? Saying that you don’t believe in Law of Attraction is the same as saying you don’t believe in the Law of Gravity. It works regardless of you being aware that it does. If it only worked when you are aware of it working, half the planet would float off into space.”

So next time you are experiencing an opposing moment, know that you attracted that into your awareness and the next time you are experiencing a joyous manifestation, know that you attracted that in your awareness.

The most important message is HAVE FUN!!!! Be silly, laugh, dance, do things that you find enjoyable, act like a kid whenever you can. Life was meant to be joyous!!!!

joyThank you to the three lovely ladies who found time during this last week to drop me a line with regards to their personal experiences with “The 18 Week Journey”. It is greatly appreciated and I hope reading their stories helps everyone else move on up that emotional gauge!!! Here are their stories…..

“I found this experiment interesting because really it’s what we ALL should be doing IN EVERY MOMENT, minute to minute, day to day, week to week and year to year.

From the ‘not so friendly service’ we get when we go out to lunch when the waiter doesn’t want to be helpful to the ‘not so great experience’ your in laws can give you sometimes (Bless them, we love them anyway.) and all the other distractions we can get in our day to day living.

At those very trying moments is when we need to ask ourselves “Do I want to choose love or fear?” Stay on the straight road where it’s easy and flowing or keep veering off to the left and right, knowing it doesn’t feel good and thus doesn’t serve you any happiness.

One of my examples of this was on the weekend. My family and I were invited to a relative’s luncheon and my husband particularly, didn’t feel like going, mainly because he has been through a lot of ill health and pain in the last few weeks. He didn’t have the energy or the enthusiasm to be social in any manner.

He finally decided we would go and only stay for a couple of hours. We arrived and everything was going okay, wondering how my husband was coping, I looked over at him many times trying to assess his emotions.

After lunch, we sat down with a cup of tea and had a wonderful conversation. As it turns out, a lady we knew was a practitioner of Bach Flower Remedies and had just qualified recently to practice this on her patients. She gave us a short consultation and we left the gathering with a remedy, relevant affirmations, two books on the subject, full tummies and our happy children. I reminded my Hubby “See the Universe always provides if you believe in it!”

I was so overjoyed driving back home with a big grin on my face saying “Thank you Universe!”

I wanted to say a BIG Thank you 💛 to Melanie. Like you said, you have grown since the start of these experiments. It’s been fun sharing and reading the stories of others.

I have also come a long way from the beginning. It has given me hope and a warm fuzzy feeling (just like you mentioned) to know how I create my world, how we all do!

These experiments have helped me understand myself and the way of the Universe! Like that 1990 Song “I’ve got the POWER!” I believe I’ve got the POWER!”

-Carmel from Shailer Park

“I want to thank you, Melanie, for giving me the opportunity to practice these experiments with awareness and not getting caught up in the ‘story’. It has been so much fun. Even though I have been doing this for many years, it still gave me a great feeling of excitement as I came into alignment.

Just to recap a couple of the experiments, I asked for a purple car with bubbles and got three different shades of purple bubble cars, all within a few seconds! I told a client of mine and she actually ended up seeing a purple van with bubbles on the side (it was a hydrating business). Blue butterflies are still appearing (real and tattoos).

What makes me smile is receiving $5 notes—I now have a purse filled with them!! Everywhere I go, I find five cent coins. I have so many wonderful things happening daily that life just gets better and better and I know that whatever is coming is the next logical step.”

-Vera from Shailer Park

“Thought I would share a little story from my grand daughters’ experiment. I had told her about us doing the experiments each week and she seemed very interested (she is 11 next month) but very open.   When I explained how it worked and that it was over a 48 hour period for this particular one, she said “I would like to meet a celebrity”. I said to her that it might not happen as she might expect and explained it could happen in a different way and to keep a look out…..

She told me that she had received an Instagram from “her celebrity” the next day after sending an Instagram to her. It was an actress/ singer from a kids show called ” Shake it off” on the Disney channel on Foxtel. Her name is Bella Thorne….. She was so excited as her friends had done the same but she was the only one to get a reply. Bella said, ” Hi Sophie”   Not much, but enough to keep her belief there….

 I enjoyed the experiments that I participated in. The first one being the Red love Hearts around Valentines Day but they kept coming and the car colour experiment and butterflies, was very exciting.

Thank you for sharing this on your site. I love Pam Grout’s writings….”

-Jessie from Ormeau

Thank you all again.

As always have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!!


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