Even those of us who are aware of the fact that we are each creating our lives and everything in them with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, have SPAM moments!! When I say SPAM, I’m talking about computer messages, not the canned, precooked meat!


I like to think of my negative, irrational thoughts as personal SPAM. I saw a string of people on the internet say that SPAM means stupid, pointless, annoying messages. It made me laugh and so I thought, that is the exact description of negative talk, whether directed at someone or yourself. Now, when I’m having a moment where I’ve let myself slip into a rant over a circumstance, or berating myself over something (which are, I might add, becoming few and far between) I call it a SPAM moment and I ‘delete’ it straight away!! If you open up SPAM, you are going to get bombarded with other messages just like it and sometimes the SPAM contains viruses that corrupt your system. If you are having a SPAM moment, don’t let it take hold. Hit delete, delete, delete!!!


I had a SPAM moment this morning. Yes, I experienced an irrational outburst that made me look like a crazy woman. The reason why I became irrational makes no sense at all, in fact, it was so ridiculous that it actually ended up making me laugh…so it all ended well. It was just me experiencing contrast, whilst heading back towards alignment!!

If you find yourself experiencing a moment like that, you don’t have to completely switch off your system and reboot, no, you just need to close that message down and find a new message with which to focus upon. If you can find something to laugh about, this is one of the quickest ways out of negativity. It is very hard to be smiling and laughing and feeling negative all at the same time.

laughing seal

If you start looking at life in a comical, jovial way, you will be able to find your way back towards alignment quicker. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you live, we all experience life’s little setbacks. It doesn’t matter how you find the means to dust yourself off and get back up or when you decide to do this, it just matters that you do.

What works for one is not right for everyone. If it were the case, it would make us all robots, all identical duplicates of each other, all programmed to think the one way and to react exactly the same. That is why it is helpful to know that certain information is helpful to some, whilst others may shake their heads in confusion or disbelief. That is okay, in fact, it is great.

It’s what makes this world so interesting. It’s what allows us to discover new ways of doing things. The most important advice you can listen to, is to always listen to your inner voice, your inner wisdom. You know what is going to point you in the right direction, what is best for you and no one else can know this but you. You are the only person who is walking in your shoes, the only person who is thinking, feeling and believing your own personal thoughts, emotions and beliefs. You are your own ‘guru’.

When someone has a miraculous healing, a spontaneous string of ‘good luck’, has mastered a modality or simply lives a content, happy life and that person shares with the world how they attained their state of wellbeing. What they are really doing is sharing what worked for them, in case, this may work for you. There is no guarantee that it will, only you are in control of that. It just allows you to see something in a new light. You can choose whether that is right for you or not.

Apart from my parents and husband, the three people who changed the way I saw the world and changed my life are Louise L. Hay, Esther Hicks and Pam Grout.


Their messages to the world resonated with me and made complete sense. They were all about finding your own power, about loving yourself, about nurturing your thoughts and paying attention to the way you feel. They showed me how I was the creator of my life, how everything that had happened and was happening was due to the thoughts, feelings and beliefs I held previously, which meant that if I wanted to change my future, I had to change my thoughts, feelings and beliefs now. It was as simple as that.

Every time, you feel you are at a point in life where you have ‘no choice’, take peace in the knowledge that if you created it, you can recreate it. If you feel you don’t have a choice, then give yourself one!!! You are the author of your own story. If you don’t like what’s going on, write something different.

As long as you realise that you are in complete control, no one and nothing can force you to feel, think or believe something that isn’t a fit for you.

Exciting, isn’t it? What are you going to create next? How are you going to change your story? For those of you who feel this was the perfect fit for you, great and thank you for reading. For those that are now shaking their heads….thank you. I personally can’t wait to see what new ways you are going to show us soon!! Life is exciting.

As always, have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!

2 thoughts

  1. Thank you Melanie for this simple SPAM method when one gets out of alignment and acts and speaks irrationally whether it is to someone else or yourself….So simple to stop yourself and say Delete, delete, delete and so good when we can laugh at ourselves too….Thank you for sharing and your honesty….Good to be reminded of the simple things in life… I too love Pam Grout’s’ way of communicating with people and her wonderful sense of humour…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Jessie!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I personally love Pam Grout, she always has a way of making you laugh with her perfect analogies and fun sense of humour!!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed this week’s blog… 🙂
    Your support is greatly appreciated.
    Love Mel xx


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