Over the next few weeks we are going to look at simple, basic steps to help you master the Law of Attraction. All it will take is a few minutes of your time to read the articles and then over the following week, your best effort to practice the exercises.

Let’s begin!!

Notice where you are and what you are attracting into your lives at this present moment in time. Are things flowing smoothly? Are you getting those parking spaces, the butterflies, the surprise gifts? Are you receiving smiles as you walk down the road? Is your health improving, your finances flourishing, your relationships fun and positive?

Or perhaps things feel slightly askew at the moment. People are taking advantage of you, harassing you or irking you. Your finances are plummeting at a rate you didn’t think could exist. You may be feeling ill or thinking everyone and everything is against you.

Both of these circumstances are created. Both of these situations are vibrational matches. Both of these can be improved or hampered.


Well, firstly decide if you want things to improve or if you are happy with things not working out. Secondly, make a conscious decision to stop telling the story of how it is and start telling it how you want it to be.

abraham telling a different story

This week I have heard people tell whoever will listen that their spouse is making them angry, their kids don’t respect them, their lives are filled with toxic people, their family is out to get them, they have no money, they lost a court case and the world will now end, they never feel well, nothing good ever comes to them, everything that could go wrong, does go wrong. Their ankle hurts, they’ve got a sore throat, and their car broke down. They’re going to spend the rest of their lives alone and life couldn’t possible get any worse.

No, it wasn’t on an Episode of the latest soap opera, although with all the drama, you would think it was. It was just ordinary people with what they believe are extraordinary dramas!!

People’s first reaction is usually to enable them by responding with sympathy and ‘give me more….get it off your chest’. However, the real fact is, it never gets off the chest. It keeps building momentum and keeps growing. It would be better to try to get them to focus on what is going well in their lives….even share a funny story. Anything to help them out of the drama, not further into it.

“Sharing personal dramas can be likened to a snowball, rolling down a hill. The snowball starts off very small, however, as it keeps rolling, it picks up more snow along the way and gets bigger and bigger until you have a monstrous emotional boulder pummelling its way towards you and no way to escape” – Vera Matzer

Snow ball slides downhill and speeds up.

This is the same thing as continually talking about how things are. If things are great, keep talking, it will get bigger and better and grander. You’ll have a massive boulder of wellness, abundance and joy pummelling its way to you, in which case, most people will embrace this magnificent boulder, feeling the ecstatic, all-encompassing joy as it permeates every fibre of your being.

However, if you are experiencing drama and unstable roads, the same thing will happen, but it isn’t wellness, abundance and joy pummelling its way to you. It’s more of what you are talking about.


If you are wanting to help someone, try not to encourage them to re-live negative moments. There is no point. It doesn’t assist them at all. In fact, as the Law of Attraction states, that which you focus on, expands. Why would you want to consciously expand a negative emotion? Hey, but each to their own. If you love feeling crappy, then go for it, complain away!!! (Just don’t expect me to listen.)

If you’re telling a different story and still feeling negatively about it, it’s because you are focusing on the lack of it in your life and not the feel of how great and exciting it will be when it arrives. It is very easy to get caught up in ‘the lack of it’. When this happens, it’s much better not to focus on it at all. The best way is to find something, anything in your life at the moment that makes you feel at ease or happy. It could be a hug from a family member, the way your dog is always so happy to see you, the fact that the sun is shining and it feels beautiful and warm. It could be anything that takes your focus away from doom and gloom and onto something better.


You don’t have to jump from grumpy to joyous. You can slowly make your way there by just finding things to focus on that bring a smile to your face. This is the act of appreciation. Focusing on the wonderful things in your life, no matter how small or how big they are, is appreciation. This brings more things to appreciate into your life and is the cornerstone of manifesting all that you desire.

Next week we will talk more about the benefits of appreciation with some fun and exciting examples.

So how do you tell a different story? Simple. Start by looking at what is fantastic in your life and start telling your story. “Gee, I love the fact that there is so much food in my fridge. I love the fact that I have the time to have a cup of coffee. I love my dog so much and love that she is always happy and wanting to play. I love the smell of rain and love the fact that the rain makes everything feel so fresh and alive. I love that I have a car that gets me from A to B. I’m so fortunate to have such a loving, caring family.”


I love this saying as it really does put you in the right frame of mind. As you say ‘How can things get better than this?’ the universe is already lining up ways to show you that things can always get better than this.

For this week’s exercise, only talk or write about what is working in your life. If you feel yourself slipping into the ‘woe be me’ stage, quickly stop and talk about what is right in your life. Some examples, if your ankle is hurting, concentrate on the fact that your hands feel great and how wonderful it is that you can pick things up!! If your spouse is in a bad mood and taking it out on you, focus on the way you love to meditate and perhaps even decide to retreat for 10 minutes to quieten your mind. If you are in a conversation with someone who is complaining, simply change the subject. If you see someone on Facebook that is letting everyone know the circumstances of their life and how awful it is……hit ‘hide from timeline’.

This week your only task is to tell a different story. It is easy and all about readjusting the lens of how you see life. It’s all about distracting yourself from negative talk. Imagine, that whenever you start to complain or feel yourself heading down the path of resistance, another version of yourself is standing there saying ‘Hey, but look over here….isn’t this awesome?!”

Yes, yes it is!!

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