This week, the topic was going to be about ‘beliefs’ with regards to the Law of Attraction, however, I am going to postpone this topic and talk about something else…..relationships.

Do you want to know how you are feeling? Do you want to be shown exactly how you feel about yourself? Do you want to know precisely where you are in relation to your kaleidoscopes of desires and manifestations? You do?

Look no further than those around you.

Our relationships with others, whether it is your spouse, parents, siblings, relatives, friends, colleagues, your boss or even those that you have brief encounters with, like the cashier at your local supermarket, all reflect back to you, those true emotions on how you feel about yourself. They are your mirror.


Speaking of mirrors…have you ever stood in front of a mirror and just looked at yourself? Not to put on make-up, or fix up your hair, or check out the latest outfit you’ve bought but to really look at yourself. Can you? A lot of people have trouble looking at themselves due to negative self-talk that starts to well up as soon as you do so. Is it in your nature to look in the mirror and only see the positives or do you only see the negatives? The negative emotions you may be feeling are due to the fact that you feel a vibrational discord with how your true inner being is looking at you. Source (god, goddess, spirit, universal energy, creator, almighty, purple puffy pumpkin pony….whatever you want to call it, doesn’t matter one bit) always looks with eyes of love. If you aren’t looking with eyes of love, you feel negativity because in that one moment, you weren’t looking in the same direction as your inner being. Towards love.


It is the same with self-talk, regardless if it’s negative or positive. Do you have someone in your life that makes you feel inadequate, useless or worthless? Do you have someone in your life that seems to push your buttons, frustrates you or who constantly complains? Perhaps you have someone in your life that appreciates you, makes you feel strong and happy. Any of these scenarios are all making you aware of exactly the same thing. They are a reflection of how you feel about you. They are a reflection of whether you are in alignment with source or out of alignment.


Recently I had a ‘night and day’ moment. One day, I was feeling fantastic. I felt energetic when I got out of bed that morning, excited about what the day had in store for me. I looked at myself in the mirror that morning and told myself how awesome I was and how everything works out for me. I noticed that my hair looked blonder, my face smoother and what was that?….Had I actually released some weight?? Wow, it was a great day!! That day what reflected back to me were things running smoothly, little surprises like a cheque in the mail and wherever I went I attracted compliments. It was a great day.

The next day was the total opposite!!!

I got out of bed and felt tired and had some pain in my body. I knocked my knee and my toe on the doorframe and immediately felt ‘grumpy’. I looked in the mirror and only noticed the wrinkles, the grey hairs starting to show and the fact that I was too fat. Mmmmm, not the best way to start the day but all is not lost yet. I still had the opportunity to talk myself back into alignment……but that wasn’t what happened. This day reflected back to me exactly how I was feeling. I ended up having an argument with my spouse, a disagreement with a supplier, something I was looking forward to was cancelled and everyone I came into contact with, were either experiencing just as bad a day as I was or I was their negative reflection!!

However, the funny thing is, when you start down the path of awareness, you start to look at everything with new eyes. I understood that the words people were saying to me throughout the day was not really an accurate representation of how they felt about me but was spot on with how I felt about myself. It was as if, my subconscious had left my body and inhabited everyone else as I walked along, a bit like the scene out of ‘Fallen’ when Azazel transmigrates between humans, possessing them, to stalk his intended target ‘Detective Hobbes’!!

I was the intended target and source was making me aware of how I really felt about me by reflecting this back in every encounter I converged upon. This helped me to ‘snap out of it’, to start to feel differently about myself again and move back towards alignment. It assisted me with realising my negative self-talk and to be able to turn that around into a positive affirmation.

Every single person you come into contact with is a direct reflection of your relationship with you.

If you find yourself surrounded by people who use you as a door-mat, maybe you are even being verbally abused or perhaps you have someone telling you how ‘foolish’ you are, realise that you can’t change their behaviour but you can change yours. You can change the way you see yourself, you can change the way you talk to yourself and you can change the way you feel about yourself!! You are capable of change at any given moment, no matter of your current circumstances.


You don’t have to worry about ridding yourself of ‘toxic’ people because once you change your feelings towards yourself, the people in your life who reflected the negative will leave to be replaced by people reflecting your positive vibes!! Either that or the current people in your life will also start to change and become positive, however, that is entirely up to them.  You have no control over that. You only ever have control over yourself. It is another wonder of the Law of Attraction. You cannot attract what you don’t emit. That which you focus on, expands!!! Focus on the good, focus on what brings you joy, focus on the qualities you love about yourself and that is what will expand.

This week’s exercise is going to form two parts.

Firstly, I want everyone, first thing in the morning to look in the mirror and find three things that you truly love about yourself. I want you to concentrate on those three things, until you feel yourself starting to smile. Then I want you to look yourself in your eyes and tell yourself how fantastic you are. You can say something like “I love the colour of my eyes. I love how full my lips are. I love the shape of my eyebrows. I feel great. You are awesome, (your own name).” Whatever feels right to you. You can also pick an emotional or mental characteristic rather than a physical one. As the week progresses, try to add one more thing everyday that you love about yourself.

The second part of this week’s exercise is to put your fantastic vibes into little pockets of power and place Random Affirmations of Praise wherever you go.


Grab whatever you can…….sticky notes, pieces of paper, a highlighted, torn out piece of magazine (make sure it’s yours before you rip it up!!) and place them everywhere. You can stick them to bathroom mirrors, place them in library books, sneak them into egg cartons, put one in your hubby’s or child’s lunch box…..wherever you can!!! When writing them out, make sure you write them in ‘first person tense’ for example “I am abundant”, not you are abundant. I am is a proclamation to the world about yourself, whereas, you are is always about someone else!! When the lucky and vibrationally matched person opens up their book or their lunchbox, lifts the lid on the egg carton or wanders into the bathroom, they will see a beautiful affirmation and as they read it, they will be saying it to themselves and igniting the frequency within. “I am loved, I am beautiful, I am abundant, I am loving, I am appreciated, I am prosperous.” I could write a whole page of these, but I will leave that up to you. It is the same notion as ‘Pay it forward’ but with loving vibrations instead of actual acts.  Place one, place twenty, place a hundred. The amount of time you want to devote to this fun exercise is up to you but just realise that as you are writing or highlighting the words you are also saying it to yourself.

The more you value yourself, the more you encounter valuable relationships. Your relationship to yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have!!

As always have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!

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