Lately, I have seen many people pleading with the universe for money and a myriad of other requests. They are pleading and asking others to plead with them. They are desperate and when they don’t receive their request of money or a car or a house or any of their other desires, they proclaim that the ‘Law of Attraction’ isn’t working for them.

Here’s the kicker!! IT IS working for them. It is working so well, in fact, that there couldn’t be a brighter example. There is no way to turn the ‘Law of Attraction’ off. It’s always working, it’s always a reflection because it’s a LAW, just like gravity.

What may not be working is the manifesting what they want part……but it really is. Every single itty bitty moment in your life, you are the creator of. Every single thought, belief and feeling you emanate, sends out a vibrational frequency. It is that vibrational frequency that you, therefore, attract back.

Let’s break this down a bit. First of all what is a vibrational frequency? Well, a vibration is to give forth or emit and a frequency is a number of times a wave repeats itself in a given phase or something that is habitual. Therefore a vibrational frequency is a thought, feeling or belief that you are producing repeatedly.

Vibration law

Vibrational frequencies act like echoes. Have you ever stood on a cliff in a mountain range or in a canyon and yelled ‘Hello!” only to have your voice yelling “Hello!” back to you a few seconds later? An echo is just a sound that is heard after being reflected. This is why if you shout out “I’m poor!” you are sending out the vibrational frequency of meagreness and what comes racing back to you is more reasons to feel deprived!! You are yelling to the universe “I’m poor!” and the universe says “Okay…you are poor!” Here’s more of that for you.

If you want to attract abundance (or anything else for that matter) you need to be yelling out “I’m abundant!” from the mountain top and really feeling it. To get to that abundant feeling you need to be excited about it coming, you need to appreciate everything you have in your life already and be heading in the direction of joy. Affirmations are fantastic, however, if you are saying your affirmation and only concentrating on the fact that you don’t have what you’re affirming, you are concentrating on the lack of it and that is what you receive back.


Always pay attention to your self-talk. If you are yelling out “I’m abundant!” and immediately thinking…..’Sure, so how am I going to pay my bills this week?’ what you really have sent out is the belief that you can’t pay your bills this week. When using affirmations, make sure you focus on the feeling, imagine what it feels like to be abundant, feel excited about what’s coming.

Another way, is if you can’t concentrate on that particular subject without activating beliefs of lack, then don’t think about that subject at all. Think about a subject where you truly feel happy, where you feel real joy and just extract all the joy you can from that subject. Thinking about joyful things, sends out joyful vibrations and things to feel more joy about, is what will come back.

This is why you cannot ask for money, then notice only the lack of it and expect to win the latest lottery. Lack of money and winning the lottery are not on the same frequency. You can ask a million people to pray with you to receive the money you want and it won’t make any difference at all if you are not a vibrational match. What will happen is the people who were in alignment, who were a vibrational match to your request will all receive money but if you haven’t cleaned up your vibration and realigned yourself, you won’t receive any of it!! This is the same for anything you request, whether it is a tangible item, an emotional lift, a physical healing or a changing of your circumstances.

A group sending out their intentions IS beneficial nonetheless, as they have all seen you as an abundant person, they have all imagined your wellbeing and intentions ARE powerful. You still need to be a vibrational match in order to receive that which they are sending. What these people have done is increased your hopefulness, increased your focus to that of abundance or wellbeing (or whatever it is you have requested). By doing this, you have released some resistance and moved your way up the emotional gauge, closer to the joy and happiness you wish to experience. That is when you become a vibrational match.

At any moment in time you can choose to change your story. At any moment in time you can choose the thought or feeling that feels like an improvement. You are always in control.

manifestation abraham

Let’s look at desires and their reason a bit closer.

Someone decides they want money. Why do they want money? So they can pay their mortgage off. Why do they need to pay their mortgage off? So they won’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay it off anymore. What they really want is to not worry. What they really want is liberation. What they really want is elation. What they really want is contentment. What they really want is joy. They have decided that money (or whatever it is they have desired) is what will give them liberation, elation, contentment and joy, however, in order to gain what they desire, they need to feel those emotions first. We can only attract what we are emitting.

In order to receive money, we need to feel abundant. In order to receive health, we need to focus on wellbeing. In order to receive love, we need to love ourselves. When we finally feel happy and abundant, healthy and content, the funny thing is we won’t care about the initial request anymore because we’ve become what we wanted…joyful. Then voila…..the desire arrives. Why? Because we finally let go of all the struggle. We finally let go of the how it’s going to come about and just trusted that it will.

The only task you have to remember and to follow is to find a way to feel better.

It is also important to realise that when you write something, you activate this into your being. Make sure if you are writing something down or sharing something on social media, that it is positive!! The only thing people need to hear about is your positive experiences and your exciting account of what is happening or what is coming. If you feel stuck, then ask a question but keep it upbeat, don’t fall into the ‘woe be me’ trap!! Remember the universe sends back what you emit!!

The exercise for this week is to write down what you want and why you want it. Writing something down enhances the momentum. Concentrate on the ‘why you want it part’. I want money. Why? To feel relief and abundant!! Now concentrate on the ‘relief and abundant’ part. Feel abundant with all your being. Imagine what it will feel like. Do this for 68 seconds and you have activated this within your vibration. The more you focus on the feeling behind it, the closer that feeling comes into being. When the feeling has come into being, you won’t care about how your desire manifested, just that it did!!!

As always have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!

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