What are they?

They are a series of events, situations and symbols that you experience whilst in a sleep state. Is that it? No, not even close. After years of interpreting dreams, I’ve come to realise that dreams are not only a prelude to manifestation in our waking reality, but are another avenue of alerting ourselves of where our conscious thoughts are on the emotional gauge.

What does that mean exactly?

We all experience emotions (unless you’re a robot!). They head from negative to positive throughout our lives, depending on our thoughts. Imagine that the worst possible feeling you can experience is fear, grief and depression and the best possible feeling you can experience is joy, love and appreciation. Most people when they are in the depths of depression, can’t just ‘think’ their way into joy. However, they can slowly improve their thoughts and hence their emotional state by moving their way up the emotional gauge. I like to think of this gauge as a speedometer. I imagine zero or not moving as fear, grief and depression and the maximum (we’ll use a Lamborghini’s speedometer…(just to make my husband smile) of 370km/h – (I know they can travel up to 405kp/h but I believe on the speedometer the maximum is 370km/h)) is joy, love and appreciation!! Your foot on the accelerator is your thoughts. The more you think encouraging, appreciative and positive thoughts, the more pressure you put on the accelerator and up the gauge the needle moves. You can cycle from depression to anger to blame to worry to frustration and into contentment, positive expectations, passion and joy all in the blink of an eye. It can take as long or as short a time as you wish. The more power you exert on the accelerator, the faster you go, the more positive you become, the more energy you have. As you release the power to the accelerator, the slower you go, the more negative you become and the less energy you have. This is also why physically, when you are depressed you usually find you have ‘no energy’ and when you are happy you are ‘full of energy’.

For a full list of the emotions, I have included the emotional scale from Abraham Hicks.

abraham guidance scale

What does the emotional gauge have to do with your dreams?

If, for example, during the day you have been thinking thoughts that put you somewhere in the vicinity of worry, when you venture off to sleep that night (if you haven’t cleaned up your vibration since then) you will experience a dream that is full of worry. It may be something along the lines of, you’re driving to work and get a phone call that a family member is in hospital or you can’t find your notes for a speech you’re going to give and you’re sweating in the wings of the stage….whatever the symbolic representation is, it will be a direct representation of the ‘feeling’ you were experiencing the day before.

This is giving you the opportunity to change the thought patterns in waking life before anything of that nature manifests. It can also be pointing you to the section of the emotional gauge that you are currently vibrating at, if you aren’t consciously aware. It is easier to shift your vibration from a dream reality than from your waking reality. If you get bitten by a snake in a dream, it is easier to shift your vibration upon waking than if you really get bitten by a snake and try to shift your vibration whilst experiencing the pain. This is why, it is extremely difficult (but not impossible) to try and move up the emotional gauge when you are sick or in pain. It is far easier to move up the emotional gauge when you are feeling well.

image (13)

Recently, I have been having a string of disturbing dreams. Without going into specifics (or you’ll be reading all day) each dream had the same feeling within. It was of being overwhelmed and worried to the brink of each dream being filled with me crying. Upon waking, not only did I physically feel drained but I had the physical symptoms of crying (which I found quite amazing!!). These dreams that I was experiencing whilst differed in stories and symbols, all had the same emotional thread, which gives these dreams the title of ‘recurring’.

Recurring dreams are letting you know that you are on the brink of manifesting the very things that you are worrying about. It is the ‘real us’ giving ourselves a chance to clean up the vibration, to change the thoughts and send out a new frequency without having to experience the physical manifestations in waking life.

image (14)

This is why remembering your dreams and more importantly, the feelings within the dreams is such a great tool to use to help you gain a better perspective of where you are and what you may be about to manifest.

What about the awesome dreams? What about them?? They’re awesome, which means you’re in a fantastic emotional state or on the brink of one. Keep them coming!!!! Keep those positive thoughts moving, keep appreciating and keep looking at everything (or as much as you can) with eyes of love.

Next week we’ll look deeper into the symbolic meaning of dreams and how they can show you exactly where in your life you are feeling out of or in alignment.

As always have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!

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