Last time we looked at how your dreams are a gauge of your emotional state. Today we expand on this by looking at the symbolic meaning behind the dream. I’m going to do this by answering some questions that some people recently sent me.

The way you feel in a dream and upon waking is the most important indicator of all and most of the time you can leave it at that to assist you with moving towards alignment. However, you can take your dreams to the next stage and really get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of where in your life you are in or out of alignment. This will help you move up and down that emotional gauge even easier.

The situations, people, creatures and experiences you envision during a dream are sometimes a ‘mish-mash’ of the day’s events but more often they are a message from your subconscious regarding the area/s of your life you need to ‘find that better feeling thought’ about.

What is the best way to decipher a dream?

The best way to decipher your dreams is to think about the characteristics of the symbol. For example if you dream of a vampire, it most certainly doesn’t mean you are going to be attacked by one. What it may mean is that you are lacking energy throughout the day and that your motivation is being sucked away. We know this because Vampires like to suck blood and blood is your life force, it is the physical essence that keeps you alive. To have this being sucked out of your body can represent the fact that you are low on energy and that you are perhaps not taking care and hence not honouring yourself in waking hours.

vampire for blog

Dream meanings are different to everyone. This is why it is important to break down the symbol yourself. To strip that symbol down to the true meaning. This is also why one person dreaming of an apple can have a totally different meaning than another person who dreamed of the same symbol. An apple may represent health to one person, a computer to someone else or a forbidden fruit to another. There is no wrong or right answer. It is just what feels right to you.


In the end when you have broken down every important symbol in your dreams and strung the message back together, the only job you really have to do is to find a ‘better feeling thought’ about whatever it is that has been bothering you.

If your dream leaves you feeling on top of the world and your symbology is full of awesome, good feeling meanings….guess what you have to do?  Nothing but bask in the wonderful indictor that just let you know, YOU ARE IN ALIGNMENT!!

So what about dream dictionaries and do you recommend them?

Most of the time I feel they are unnecessary. Dream dictionaries are generic and whilst some of them will offer a few different meanings of symbols, most of them won’t. They can be a good starting point, to get you used to what a symbol may mean, but in the end, you won’t find a better analyst than yourself. If you would like to start with a Dream Dictionary, I would recommend Leon Nacson’s – A Stream of Dreams or The Element Encyclopedia of 20000 Dreams by Theresa Cheung. If you come across a book that tells you a symbol means ‘someone in your family will meet an early death’ or ‘someone is gossiping about you’ or ‘you will shortly have an accident’, the only place for these ridiculous books are in the bin or as a good laugh. Superstition has no place in your dream meanings.

I dream of a lot of animals, what does this mean?

A good way to decipher animal meanings in dreams it to watch David Attenborough. His understanding of the animal kingdom and the different traits and characteristics of each animal will help you decipher what the animal may represent within your dream. For example, if you dream of an elephant, it may be representing the uniting of family, of loyalty and affection. It can represent being nurtured or protected and coming into great power. Of course, if you are extremely scared of Elephants in waking life it may just be representing a fear of some kind.


The best way to know a symbol is to learn the ins and outs of it in waking life. If you aren’t sure, then research it upon waking and apply the meaning to your dream. It really is as simple as that.

I experience a lot of recurring dreams, what does this mean?

As we mentioned last time, recurring dreams are letting you know that you are on the brink of manifesting the very things that you are worrying about. It is the perfect way for you to realise that something important is happening here and to give you the opportunity to change it before it does manifest. You can do this by ‘thinking better feeling thoughts’ and by diverting your focus to something that makes you feel good instead of concentrating on the situation that is worrying you.

A lot of my dreams come true, why?

This is because you are tapping into the energy that the situation, people, experiences are tuned in to. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about the dream, it is just making you aware that you have ‘tuned in’. Other times you may be at a crossroads where your next train of thought, your next object of focus will determine particular outcomes. It is giving you the option of changing the conditions, so the possible outcome will or won’t happen.

With regards to analysing your dreams, it is a very simple tool to use. There is nothing complicated about it. You don’t have to be an expert and you don’t have to be psychic. Every single person on the planet dreams, some remember, others don’t. It is your decision and your decision alone as to whether you want to embrace the tool to assist you or whether it isn’t quite a good fit for you. This is what makes our experiences so wonderful because they are so diverse.

if anyone would like to know something else with regards to dreams, please keep sending your questions in and I will attempt to answer as many as I can in the weeks to follow.

As always have fun and immerse yourself in joy!!

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  1. Hi Melanie, thank you for your posting on dreams….Very interesting things can come from dreams….I always remember this very intense dream I had about being in a different country, I knew it wasn’t Australia, and with a new man in my life…This did come to fruition as I did end up being in America and cruised back to Australia with this new man whom I met before the trip…..Unfortunately it didn’t last but we did have a lovely time…I believe our dreams can be very significant to what happens in our daytime world….,Love Jessie…

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